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Korea, before 1950





Beginning from 1910, Korean Peninsula was under the control of Japanese Empire, which the domination of Japan continued for 35 years. In 1945 When the Second World War was over and Japan surrendered due to the atomic bombs, Korea was liberated from the Japanese control. Nevertheless, only after five years, which is in 1950, the Korean War broke out and the Peninsula was divided into North and South. What is the major cause of the origin of the Korean War?; The influence of foreign interventions, or Korea's civil conflicts between the North and South?

In order to answer this question, the political and social circumstances of Korean nation before 1950 will be examined, as well as the roles of United States and USSR for the Korean conflicts. In 1945, when Korea became independent, the country was in big chaos. Two leaders with different ideas arose from North and South in the mid of confusion and the United States and USSR each supported different leaders. The Americans drew the 38th parallel across the peninsula to prevent the Soviet army from invading towards South, and the barrier continues until today.


What is concluded from this research is that both the interventions of foreign countries and the Korean civil conflicts are involved in the origin of the Korean War, yet the initiator of the war was North Korean leader, Kim Il-Sung, from his own desire and not due to any foreign pressure. The involvement of Foreign countries has relative amount of responsibility for the origin Korean War, while similarly the conflicts among Koreans because of two opposing leaders share the similar amount of responsibility. Still, it was Kim who directly initiated the war so it is possible to argue that the North is more responsible for the split of one nation.

The Korean War was a civil war, yet immensely affected by other foreign powers, and the origin of the war begins from both internal and international issues.