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Julia and Sarah Ann Adams Professor of Mathematics


  • Mount Holyoke Faculty Teaching Award, 2010.
  • NES/MAA Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics, 2012.
  • MAA Haimo Award for Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics, 2013.
  • AWM M. Gweneth Humphreys Award for Mentoring, 2020.


    Current Course Websites on Moodle:

    MA232: Discrete Mathematics, Fall 2020: Module #1
    MA311: Abstract Algebra (Rings), Fall 2020: Module #2

    Old Courses

    MA101, Fall 2019: Calculus 1 (01)
    MA319-NT, Fall 2019: Number Theory
    MA211, Spring 2020: Linear Algebra, Sections (02) and (03)


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    Some Papers

    ·         Algebraic identities useful in the computation of the Igusa local zeta function;, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, A. Adolphson, S. Sperber, and M. Tretkoff (editors), AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, 133, 1992, 171-4.

    ·         The Igusa local zeta function associated with the singular cases of the determinant and the Pfaffian, J. of Number Theory, 57 (1996), no. 2, 385-408.

    ·         The Igusa local zeta function of a non-trival character associated to the singular Jordan algebras, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 124 (1996), no. 9, 2655-60.

    ·         On the tabletop improvement experiments of Japan, Production and Operations Management, 3, No. 3, Summer 1994, joint with Alan G. Robinson.

    ·         Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation: A Bridge to Higher Mathematics (Projects for a sophomore course in mathematical investigations; written by the members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Mount Holyoke College and published by Springer in April 1997)

    ·         Mount Holyoke College Summer Research Institute; Women in Mathematics: Scaling the Heights, Deborah Nolan (editor), MAA Notes 46 (1997), 113-6.

    ·         An Introduction to Local Zeta Functions;, a review of Jun-ichi Igusa's new book in Bulletin (New Series) of the American Mathematical Society 38, No. 2, (2000) 221-227.

    ·         Igusa Local Zeta Functions of Elliptic Curves, Mathematics of Computation, 71 (2001), no. 238, 815-823, (joint with Prof. Diane Meuser, Boston University).

    ·         Counting fixed points, two-cycles, and collisions of the discrete exponential function using p-adic methods,, J. Austr. Math. Soc., 92 (2012), no. 2, 163 - 178, (joint with Prof. Joshua Holden, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology).

    ·         Counting Fixed Points and Rooted Closed Walks of the Singular Map x to x^{x^n} Modulo Powers of a Prime, P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications, 12 (2020), no. 1, 12-28 (joint with Prof Joshua Holden and Prof. Pamela Richardson),

    Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Projects

    ·         P-adic analysis and computing the Igusa local zeta function for irreducible curves (1992)

    ·         P-adic analysis and the Igusa local zeta function for reducible curves and for surfaces with bad reduction modulo p (1995)

    ·         The Igusa local zeta function for elliptic curves and a related Poincare Series (1997)

    ·         The Igusa local zeta function for elliptic curves using Tate's Algorithm (1999)

    ·         Number Theory (2002)

    ·         Number Theory (2005)

    ·         Number Theory (2007)

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