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A Survey of China's Economy

Economics 100

Fall 1998

Monday & Wednesday 10:50-12:00

Dr. Satya J. Gabriel
Associate Professor of Economics
e-mail: sgabriel@mtholyoke.edu
FAX: 413-538-2512

This course provides an application of some of the basic tools of economic analysis to understanding the development of China's economy since the death of Mao Tse Tung, with a review of the Maoist-era economic system. There will be an extensive survey of contemporary economic policies and problems, particularly as they impact financial and industrial institutions. The course will examine the microeconomic implications of changes in property and use rights, control over enterprise profit distribution, and entitlements, and the macroeconomic implications of rising unemployment, exchange rate controls, and liberalization of financial markets. The claim of China's political leadership to be constructing "socialism with Chinese characteristics" will be critically examined. This is an introductory economics course. There are no prerequisites.

Photograph on the right: Zhu Rongji, newly appointed premier of China.
Zhu is an economist with plans to dramatically downsize the Chinese
government bureaucracy and force the restructuring of state-owned firms.

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