Wizard's Job Resource Center

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This site gets results.* You can post your resume here. This is a good site for both long term jobs and for summer jobs and internships. 
This is a major job search site with approximately 70,000 job listings. You can post your resume on this site!
This site allows students to search for internships or, for those who are graduating, permanent positions.
Job Posting Website
(Emphasis On Entry Level Positions)
A Database Website For Employers, Employees, and Recruiters
America's Job Bank
(State Employment Office Listings)
Career advancement for professionals plus some neat stuff about evaluating appropriate salary levels.
Career Net Website
(Instant Link To More Than 15,000 Openings & Other Career Related Web Pages)
What should you get paid?
Human Services & Liberal Arts Careers
Affirmative Action Register
The Black Collegian
Careers & The Disabled

*Thanks to Princess Leia for her advice on some of these sites.