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stimulating.  In some cases the papers
are designed to provide an overview of
some topic of interest.  In other cases
they may be a bit more complex.
All of the writing reflects on my 
research and academic interests. 
I invite you to send your
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China Text (2014): Financial Institutions and Development in China

China Text (2006): Chinese Capitalism and the Modernist Vision

Microfinance text (2009): Microfinance: The Way of Grassroots Finance written with Michael Hinckley (Deutsche Bank Group) and Hannie Jawaid (Citigroup).

Cyberspace book (2010): Rising Technomass: The Political Economy of Social Transformation in Cyberspace written with Jose Fuentes (Carnegie Mellon).

New book (co-authored two chapters with Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff; 2011): State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) edited by Vincent K. Pollard.

Most recently posted online essay:
To Revalue or Not to Revalue, That is the Question for China's Leaders


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Critique of Class Theory and History by Resnick and Wolff
To Revalue or Not to Revalue, That is the Question for China's Leaders
Making Capitalism in China for Dummies: The Video
What Do You Mean China is Socialist?
Decentralization of Surplus Value Distribution in China's SOEs
Chinese Capitalism and Transparency: Argument for a Free Press
The Transition from State to Private Capitalism in China
Is Any Juice Left in Agricultural Reforms in China
Transnational Cyber-superorganisms & Chinese Politics
Introduction to a Post-structuralist Theory of the Firm
Racism and Capitalist Accumulation (PDF File)
    with Evgenia O. Todorova 
Economic Liberalization and Health Care in Urban China
            with Brian A. Wong
Oliver Stone's Wall Street and the Market for Corporate Control
WTO:  A Tool for Growing Capitalism in China
Ambiguous Capital II: Restructuring China's SOEs
Raw Data for Computer Simulation of China Economic Reform Model
Ambiguous Capital: China's New Capitalists
Japanese Economic Crisis --- Expectations for Future Growth?
Briefing on the Brazilian Economic Crisis
Excerpt from East Asia Crisis Speech
Summary of Why the Chinese Leadership Should Not Devalue
Restructuring of State-owned Enterprises in China (in progress)
The Structure of a Post-Revolutionary Economic Transformation in China
The Great Leap Forward
Pragmatism & the Aftermath of the Great Leap Forward
Income Inequality in Post-Great Leap Forward China
Economic Liberalization in Post-Mao China:
     Crossing the River by Feeling for Stones
Technological Determinism and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Fiscal & Monetary Policy in 1998 China: Riding the Crisis Tiger
Mao, Money, & Foreign Exchange
Is Banking Reform in China Still On Track?
Exploring the Alphabet Soup of Chinese Financial Markets
Class Analysis of the Iranian Revolution of 1979
Belize Rural Women's Association, Revolving Loan Fund, 
     and Women's Cooperatives
The Continuing Significance of Race
Markets, Hereditary Rights, and the Reproduction of Racism (summary)
Ancients: A Marxian Theory of Self-exploitation: 1.1 --- Introduction

Web Novel:  Dreaming in Malaysia:
Book One: The Season of the Mosquito

Web Sci-fi Novel:  Crossing the Boundary (in progress)
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