Joseph Kony: The World's Most Wanted Man

History of Region and LRA

“He has created an aura of fear and mysticism around himself and his rebels follow strict rules and rituals.”

Joseph Kony, LRA rebel leader,

Joseph Kony is #1 on the list of persons wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Joseph Kony was born in Odek, a village east of Gulu in Northern Uganda.The stigma surrounding Kony is so great that his birthday is not even comfirmed, though it is thought that Kony was born in 1962.During his childhood, Kony served as a Catholic altar boy. He is allegedly the cousin of Alice Lakwena, founder of Uganda's Holy Spirit Movement in 1986. The group represented Acholis who felt under-represented after the overthrow of the northern leader, Milton Obote, by Mr Museveni.
Kony fights insisting that Uganda is better off a theocracy based on the bible's Ten Commandments. He uses biblical references to explain why he kills Acholi people, who have, in his view, failed to support his cause.

The LRA abducts boys and girls as young as seven and eight. Kony himself has at least 60 wives, and mainly all are young girls. Young abductees who escaped from the LRA report that Kony would tell them he got his instructions from the Holy Spirit.

He has failed to sign peace agreements with the Ugandan government under Yoweri Musevni. Regional governments have lost hope that Kony will ever take peace seriously.

Kony himself,

Press Conference with Joseph Kony

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The World's Most Wanted Man
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