Abuction and Life in the LRA

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BBC News Photo journal: Child Soldier

Once a child is abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army rebels, he or she is forced to do whatever elder LRA offiers and Joseph Kony tell them to do. Any resistance may result in mutilation or death. Sometimes adults are abducted as well. Abductees are forced to commit atrocities, such as shooting up and burning villages.

Here are two stories, one of a boy and one of a man, of people who were victimized by the LRA and Joseph Kony:

The documentary film, Invisible Children: The Rescue showcases Jacob, who was abducted at 12. The LRA warned him, “If you try to escape we will find you and kill you.” His brother tired to escape, and they killed him using panga (machetes). “They cut his neck… I saw. I tried to cry but they said when I cry they are going to kill me.” He told producers he’d rather die than stay on this earth, even now, because he has no one to take care of him, and lives in constant fear of being re-abducted.

Opening/Jacob's Story from Invisible Children: The Rescue

 To watch the entire thirty-minute video, click here.

John Ochola

John Ochola's village was raided by Kony's rebels in 2002, when Ochola was in his early twenties. He managed to avoid being axed to death, unlike 50 other unlucky members of his community. However, the LRA did abduct Ochola and they punished him for trying to escape. He and 35 others were brought into the bush and were taunted. Without warning, John's lips and nose were lopped off. Later, the rebels cut off one ear, then the other. All the while, rebels repeatedly raped and beat the women in the group. In hopes that Ochola might be shot if he disrespected the soldiers, he began insulting them. Instead, the LRA decided to punish this man by chopping off fingers and hands.

Read John's personal statement here:

BBC News: LRA Victim--"I cannot forget and forgive"


Above, a woman mutilated by LRA rebels

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