Invisible Children: The Rescue

History of Region and LRA

“We don’t have any enemies here, we just have apathy and indifference to overcome. And that means everybody who walks out of this room and doesn’t write a letter, you’re part of the problem.”

~John Prendergast, Enough Project, speaking to Congress in Invisble Children: The Rescue

In 2005, three young filmmakers, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole released Invisible Children: Rough Cut. In light of the public's positive response, the filmmakers co-founded the nonprofit Invisble Children Inc. Since then, they have made another film, Invisible Children: The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers. The end of the film features the instructions for an "abduction demonstration" which was held Arpil 25th, 2009. Hordes of people displaced themselves, or "abducted" themselves into city centers and stayed there overnight until a celebrity or political mogul rescued them and made an annoucement endorsing the efforts of Invisible Children, Inc.

Since 2005, much has changed in Uganda, according to the Invisible Children website. For the most part, night commuting has decreased dramatically, and the LRA has been operating outside of northern Uganda (into the Democratic Republic of Congo) for over a year. That being said, displacement and the threat of war prevent major progress from being made.

In the film, Invisible Children: The Rescue, filmmakers speak wtih LRA representatives in efforts to establish a form of open dialogue. The filmmakers conducted a phone call with Colonel Michael Bwone, LRA, “to open our ears and open a channel of dialogue. He responded, “People do not know why we are fighting, because people only see one side of the coin.” The LRA expressed that they trusted the young filmmakers as a last batch of people who listen. The men made the documentary, rallied friends, and went to Washington to speak to Congress.


Invisible Children: The Rescue

History/Jason Russel, Bobby Bailey & Laren Poole speak with LRA Colonel


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