The College will provide advances for employees to cover anticipated out-of-pocket expenses which are not chargeable to a credit card.

Employees who do not have a Corporate Card should complete a Travel Advance/Authorization Request form, have it approved by the appropriate budget authority, and submit it to Accounts Payable at least 10 days before departure.

Travel advances must be cleared within 30 days of the completion of each trip. After that time, no new travel advances or reimbursements will be processed as long as a travel advance is outstanding. Individuals are personally accountable for travel advances. If necessary, any advances outstanding over 60 days will be treated as wages and taxed accordingly.

Payment of registration fees for conferences or meetings should be requested by completing a Check Request form with a copy of the registration slip or instructions attached. A minimum of ten working days should be allowed for processing the request. The individual making the request for payment is responsible for obtaining a refund if there is a cancellation.