Global Commitment

We are committed to creating and fostering educational programming to cultivate knowledgeable leaders and responsible citizens of the global community. The exceptional international diversity of our community offers a powerful context for making connections on a global scale.

Global learning


International student population

Students across the globe are drawn to Mount Holyoke because of the powerful living and learning experience the College provides. This diversity provides a uniquely powerful context for global learning in the residence halls, classes and campus life.


Students have studied abroad

Since the founding of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, more than 3,300 students have studied abroad.


Global Events

Each year the College hosts over 50 events that feature global scholars and/or focus on global issues. Events include lectures, films, conferences, live performances and more.

Mount Holyoke Experiences

Traveling the world. Here.

Shanza Noeen ’18

“It's like you're traveling the world but you're still in one place and you're meeting all of these wonderful people.  It's pretty great.”

Shanza Noeen ’18

Global reach

Our faculty are dynamic leaders of international education as shown in their broad global engagement. A large number of our faculty have lived outside of the U.S. for more than 5 years, and over 50% of them have either presented at a conference abroad or have conducted research abroad.


Faculty incorporate global issues

79% of our faculty incorporate global issues into their courses, and 61% teach classes that compare an issue across countries.


Faculty speak a language other than English

In addition to speaking other languages, 57% of our faculty use a language other than English in their research and 35% use a language other than English in class.


Faculty earned degrees abroad

27% of our faculty have earned degrees from educational institutions abroad and 43% have collaborated with an institution outside of the U.S. since 2012.

Student opportunities

Senia Bachir-Abderahman ’10 receiving the Global Engagement Award

Discover opportunities to earn funding for internships as well as conference support. Learn about annual student awards presented by the McCulloch Center.

A group of students in a study abroad program in Costa Rica

Study abroad offers a powerful personal and intellectual experience to advance academics. Students may choose from more than 150 programs in 50 countries.

Social Innovation Initiative group

Support, mentorship, and seed funding is available for student innovators who are developing and implementing projects to address world challenges.

Group of students smiling in winter

The McCulloch Center offers help in filing a U.S. tax return, emergency loans, obtaining a Massachusetts ID and more.