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“My MHC liberal arts education is my superpower.”

Ananya Singh ’22

Wherever new ideas, important causes and bold action meet, you will find Mount Holyoke students. With keen curiosity and a collaborative spirit, we always seek a better way — from the classroom, laboratory and art studio to the leading edge of industry, innovation and impact. And we use what we’ve learned to make positive, lasting change for ourselves and our communities. Because at Mount Holyoke, we’re inspired to envision and build a better world — together.

Why Mount Holyoke?
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Let's build a better world. Together.
advanced degrees and career outcomes
Within 10 years, nearly 80% of our graduates pursue an advanced degree at a top-level institution. Mount Holyoke alums across the decades pursue rewarding careers in fields ranging from medicine, law and business to communications, finance and consulting.

Here, you will be challenged. To follow your interests and forge your own academic pathway. To think critically, communicate clearly and grow intellectually. To break through barriers and engage across disciplines. To work closely with award-winning faculty — researching, discussing and advancing whole fields of knowledge. And when it’s time to take the next step, you’ll have the resources and support you need to begin your career and make a difference right away.

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What will you discover?

At Mount Holyoke, we are ourselves, together. We champion every individual for who they are, while coming together as a unified community. We collaborate, we cooperate and we always celebrate each other’s successes. The bonds we build and the friendships we forge at Mount Holyoke last a lifetime — opening opportunities and amplifying the impact we make in the world.

Alums leading the way
A student discussing the Mount Holyoke alum bond
The alum network will be with you for life.
Alums of women’s colleges arguably constitute the most influential professional women’s networks on the globe.

Pass through our Gates and you’ll enter an energizing campus filled with beautiful spaces and beloved traditions that foster lifelong connections. Students come from across the globe to build a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community that’s always evolving and expanding. And with a strong network of schools throughout the region and around the world, you’ll have access to incredible opportunities for international learning.

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Join our global community.
study abroad opportunities
Programs that give you a powerful personal and intellectual experience

Academics Excellence

Programs and degrees

At Mount Holyoke, a liberal arts education isn’t just about knowledge across diverse disciplines. It’s a way of intentionally connecting people, ideas and solutions to make the world work better. Here, we see the world through a different lens to discover new pathways and find new answers. Through an exploration of the arts, sciences, languages and humanities, we create an understanding of ourselves, our peers and the world around us.

Find Your Program


Whether your focus is STEM, social sciences, or the arts and humanities, you’ll study with award-winning professors in small classes as you pursue your personalized pathway to an undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate Programs The Application Process
Students discuss opportunities to get involved with faculty research


student / faculty ratio

Graduate and professional

To develop the next generation of groundbreaking educators, Mount Holyoke offers Master of Arts in Teaching programs as well as professional development opportunities.

Co-ed programs

Graduate Programs Professional and non-degree programs
Hear from some of our recent graduate students about the flexibility of our graduate programs.



across 3 graduate programs and 10 professional development institutes

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The Mount Holyoke Experience

Why Mount Holyoke?

Here, our diverse and inclusive environment empowers you to build bonds and break through barriers like nowhere else.

Our alums, who form a large network around the world, share their time, insights and connections.

Campus Voices

What stories will you tell?

Academic Excellence

“I’ve met amazing people that I still look to for friendship, and I’ve also met younger underclassmen whom I feel would definitely do an amazing job of taking over and continuing the legacy.”

Qiana Pierre ’23


Arts: Fine and Performing

“I definitely want to stay connected with art, and that’s ultimately where I would love my career to go — working with a museum or within the art field.”

Steph Maldonado ’23


Get to know us

For over 180 years, Mount Holyoke has been an extraordinary, collaborative community of people opening new pathways of discovery and forging deep connections with each other.


Distinguished faculty

100% of our classes are taught by faculty. Mount Holyoke professors have won Pulitzer and Guggenheim awards, NASA grants and Carnegie Fellowships.


Departmental and interdepartmental majors

Biology, politics and psychology are among the top five. Our fastest growing major? Computer science. Our newest? Data science.


International student population

Students across the globe are drawn to Mount Holyoke because of the powerful living and learning experience the College provides. This diversity provides a uniquely powerful context for global learning in the residence halls, classes and campus life.


Lynk internship funding

We guarantee a paid internship for every student. In 2020 the College awarded over $750,000 in internship funding to 262 students.


Student-run clubs and organizations

There’s something for everyone, from student organizations to student government, class boards and club sports!

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Traditions and annual events

From Convocation to milk and cookies and the Laurel Parade, traditions and annual events bring the community closer together and create memorable moments to last a lifetime.

Happening at Mount Holyoke

Campus news

The fifth book in the “All Souls” series from No. 1 New York Times bestselling author and Mount Holyoke College alum Deborah Harkness ’86 makes its debut this week.

Marcella Runell, vice president of student life and dean of students at Mount Holyoke College, spoke with MassLive about how the College is tackling the rising demand for mental health services.

Three long-serving members of the Mount Holyoke College faculty have retired.