Photo of Stella Elwood ’19 wtth the goose splints she created in the Makerspace

Optimal claw comfort? Check.

Stella Elwood ’19 turns to the Makerspace to create an effective, affordable tool for use in veterinary medicine.
Two young people stand at the wheel of a sailboat. They are wearing harnesses and one has on yellow rain gear. The boat is titled to the left and the end of a mast and taut sail are visible, with the open ocean behind.

Taking the classroom to the sea

From the deck of a SEA Semester’s tall ship, Sal Cosmedy ’20 and Mia Sigler ’20 are studying human impacts on the environment.
Carolyn Shread

Translation as political act

Who is translating and what text they choose are political decisions, says Carolyn Shread, a lecturer in the French department.
Photo of students filing into the Community Center during Orientation

“If I could say one thing to firsties?”

Siddhi Shah ’19, who graduates in December, takes a moment to get nostalgic and share advice for the community’s newest members. Read her blog.
Two parallel images show a woman dancing with their right arm extended. Left: Terre Vandale ’02 about 2001, in a white tank top with yellow beech leaves behind her. Right: Ali Griffin ’20, in a blue Mount Holyoke sweatshirt, in the woods, 2018.

Connecting with the environment through dance

Visiting artist Terre Vandale ’02 uses the Campus Living Laboratory as her classroom to teach her dance students about place, movement and the environment.
Photo of Diana Brassard ’90

Plan for the future and pay it forward

By establishing a deferred gift annuity, Diana Brassard ’90 planned for retirement and also ensured “that Mount Holyoke women get the support they need.”