Photo of Bianca Quintero ’18 at Rapa Nui

Easter Island. Project Puffin. Elwha River.

These are just some of the (funded) environmental internships students did last summer. Where do you want to go?
Photo of a student sitting at a table next to a large set of windows

The windows that watch us

Presenting a love letter to Mount Holyoke, courtesy of guest blogger Ale Cabezas ’21.
In this black and white photo, five students in front of a group stand holding hands over their heads. Two signs read “Mount Holyoke [women] oppose apartheid” and “We want no part of profits from South Africa! Our community votes no! MHC divest now!”

Piecing together history, one flyer at a time

Exploring student activism through the archives and special collections offers unique views of both the College and the study of history.
This is a picture of Suzan-Lori Parks with Mount Holyoke Senior Lecturer Leah Glasser, at the gala presentation of the Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award.

Suzan-Lori Parks ’85 given prestigious prize

Alumna and playwright Suzan-Lori Parks won the prestigious Steinberg Award, recognizing her artistic contributions to American theater.
Photo of a round light on top of a lamp post

Lighting the way in 2019

Mount Holyoke looks forward to the promise and possibilities of the new year and offers a visual celebration of the spaces we share. Watch the video.
Zines at MHC in Archives

Celebrating micro media: zines at MHC

The Mount Holyoke Archives houses hundred of zines, which have been carefully curated and preserved to make learning history fun and accessible.