AMEX Corp Card

For the convenience of frequent travelers and to simplify travel expense reporting, the College has entered into an agreement with American Express to provide an American Express Corporate Card to continuing faculty and staff who incur reimbursable travel and entertainment expenses in excess of $500 per year or who take at least two overnight College-related trips per year. The American Express Corporate Card is to be used only for travel and entertainment expenses incurred in connection with official Mount Holyoke business; it is not to be used for personal expenses of any kind.

The traveler should charge virtually every business travel expense to this card; i.e., airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, meals and other travel expenses in accordance with these travel guidelines. As soon as possible after return from travel, the cardholder should submit a Travel & Entertainment Expense Report form to Financial Services for reimbursement of expenses. Financial Services will promptly process the request and will issue a check to the traveler, so the traveler should receive reimbursement of expenses before the charge appears on the American Express bill.

American Express will send a bill to the individual cardholder for expenses charged to the card on a monthly basis; payment is due upon receipt. The College will not reimburse late fees assessed as a result of late payment by the cardholder. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to submit expense reports in a timely manner and to pay all charges made against the card when due.

If an account is not paid within 30 days, American Express will notify the cardholder and the College that the account is delinquent. If the cardholder does not make payment within 60 days of the billing date, charge privileges will be suspended until full payment has been received and credited to the account. The cardholder will be contacted by American Express and advised of the seriousness of the nonpayment. Cardholders whose American Express cards have been cancelled due to nonpayment of charges may not be allowed to rejoin the program.

Individuals who are issued an American Express Corporate Card are required to promptly notify and return the card to the Financial Services Office upon termination of employment. The card should be either hand delivered or cut in half and returned by campus mail.

The College and American Express reserve the right to cancel any corporate credit card in accordance with the delinquency provisions of the contract or for other credit card abuses. Individuals must immediately return the credit card to the Financial Services Office, 16 Skinner Hall, upon notice of cancellation.

Individuals should contact the Financial Services Office (ext. 2824) for further information.