Dorothy E. Mosby

Dorothy E. Mosby

Dorothy E. Mosby

Name: Dorothy E. Mosby
Department: Office of the Dean of Faculty; Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies
Title: Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Spanish
Teaches: Afro-Latin American literature and culture

“Our promise of the liberal arts is to provide connection. A sense that students can engage deeply in the topic — and also with faculty.”

“Our promise of the liberal arts is to provide connection,” says Dorothy Mosby. “A sense that students can engage deeply, not just in the topic, but also have faculty to engage with and be in communication with.”

At Mount Holyoke, the mentorship of faculty is key, she says. 

“It’s what happens in the classroom that helps ignite the dreams and the intellectual passions of our students. Our faculty provide important opportunities to help bring forth these possibilities for our students. They help make visible the many intricate connections between different areas and subjects for our students that may not always be immediately apparent. It’s not surprising that a conversation about a text or research project can turn a student’s path in a completely different direction.” 

Mosby is well aware that as the chief academic officer, she and her office hold the academic mission of the College. That pivotal role connects the faculty with what’s happening in the classroom and in higher education in general, she says. 

“In this moment we are facing a global health crisis and we are having meaningful conversations about race, inequality and social justice,” she says. “First and foremost we need to affirm the need for the liberal arts and the vital role that liberal arts graduates have in the world today. To do that, we need to make decisions that will enable us to carry out our mission responsibly, not just to face our current moment, but for generations to come.”