Financial Facts

When you give to Mount Holyoke College, you invest in a world of opportunities for our students. Each and every dollar helps to advance the College's mission of providing a bold liberal arts experience at the highest level of academic excellence. In 2018-2019, thousands of members of the Mount Holyoke community generously committed $28.6 million in gifts and pledges.

FY19 Gifts and Pledges by Source

Of the $28.6 million in new gifts and pledges, $23.9 million came from alumnae, friends and parents of the College through gifts, pledges and bequests.

Donor breakdown for 2018-2019: Alumnae 79.6%, Corporations/Foundations 16.2%, Friends 2.3%, Parents 1.6%, Other 0.3%

FY19 Gifts and Pledges by Purpose

Gifts by Purpose: 50.4% Endowment, 27.3% Unrestricted, 1.6% Facilities, 20.7% Program

FY19 Revenue Sources

Tuition and fees made up approximately 61% of the College's annual revenue, while income from the College's endowment provided 24%, and gifts and contributions another 11%.

Revenue Sources: Net Student Charges: 61%, Auxiliaries & Other: 4%, Investment Income (includes endowed gifts): 24%, Other expendable gifts: 5%, Mount Holyoke Fund: 6%

FY19 College Expenses

Approximately 82% of the College's annual operating expenses went towards instruction, research, academic support and student services.

College Expenses: Academic Programs & Support 30%, Student Services 15%, Plant 15%, Institutional Support 12%, LITS 10%, Restricted Expenses 7%, Debt Service 5%, Auxiliary Services 5%, Contingencies 1%