Financial Facts

When you give to Mount Holyoke College, you invest in a world of opportunities for our students. Each and every dollar helps to advance the College's mission of providing a bold liberal arts experience at the highest level of academic excellence. In 2014-2015, thousands of members of the Mount Holyoke community generously committed $40.4 million in gifts and pledges.

FY15 Gifts and Pledges by Source

Of the $40.4 million in new gifts and pledges, $35.9 million came from alumnae, friends, and parents of the College through gifts, pledges, and bequests.

FY14 Gifts and Pledges

FY15 Gifts and Pledges by Purpose

The Mount Holyoke Fund raised a record total of over $10 million from over 10,000 donors. These gifts provided immediate and flexible funding for the College's operating budget, including scholarship aid, faculty support, academic resources, and more.

FY14 Gifts and Pledges by Purpose

FY15 Revenue Sources

Tuition and fees made up approximately 53% of the College's annual revenue, while income from the College's endowment provided 24%, and gifts and contributions another 15%.

FY14 College Revenues

FY15 College Expenses

Approximately 81% of the College's annual operating expenses went towards instruction, research, academic support, and student services.

FY14 College Expenses