Gratefully Yours

Hannah Leffingwell 15

Hannah Leffingwell '15
- Centennial, CO
Coming to a place with such strong traditions is about more than just milk and cookies, Mountain Day and Deacon Porter’s Hat. It is about the commitment of women throughout Mount Holyoke’s history to seeking, synthesizing, and sharing education with the world. Without contributions such as yours, I might never have had the chance to be a part of this tradition. The more time I spend at Mount Holyoke, the more time I want to spend at Mount Holyoke. I want to get to know every face, learn from every professor, memorize every tree, open and sniff every book in the library. What you have given me is the chance to continue my education here—an education that is beyond value.

Ashley Bair 15

Ashley Bair '15
- Kingston, Jamaica
I vividly recall what drew me to Mount Holyoke when I was a prospective student. To me, there was nothing more exciting than studying in a community of diverse and highly motivated women. In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, I knew that it would be advantageous for me to begin thinking and communicating in a manner that transcends cultural divides. My time at Mount Holyoke has been nothing short of amazing thus far. I am constantly learning and being challenged both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Ester Yang 15

Ester Yang '15
- Ashburn, VA
I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Mount Holyoke and make unforgettable relationships with professors and friends alike. I am from Virginia, and even though Massachusetts was far from my hometown, I chose to attend Mount Holyoke three years ago for many reasons. I was attracted to its diversity and employment of women’s strength. Just residing on campus makes me feel empowered... Mount Holyoke College strives to put a student’s experience first and values tolerance and open-minded students.

Vincenza Marciano 15

Vincenza Marciano '15
- Amherst, Massachusetts
I have big dreams for my career, and Mount Holyoke, my professors, and peers have all supported them, encouraged me, and pushed me to dream even bigger. Mount Holyoke has opened so many doors for me, from study abroad to being able to do research twice a week with one of my professors. In applying for internships, I have found that being a Mount Holyoke student has set me apart from other candidates. When I graduate in 2015 I know that Mount Holyoke will have prepared me as a strong, outspoken, passionate young woman. Thank you for your support of students like me.

Bharati Manandhar 15

Bharati Manandhar '15
- Kathmandu, Nepal
I chose Mount Holyoke because of the stellar reputation of the institute and the professors. Even though I am an economics major and hope to become an entrepreneur in the future, I have taken classes in a variety of disciplines, including history, language, politics and mathematics during my time at Mount Holyoke. Such diversity which can only be possible in a liberal arts college like Mount Holyoke has encouraged me to become a curious, confident and reflective individual. More importantly, the peers that I have met in Mount Holyoke have been inspirational. Every day I see women who are breaking boundaries, both in and out of classrooms. I feel very fortunate to have such strong and intelligent role models in my life.

Emily Fariel 16

Emily Fariel '16
- White River Junction, VT
 Mount Holyoke has given me the space and support to pursue my passions at full throttle, while taking in all the knowledge I can and constantly expanding my worldview. I find new ways to appreciate this institution each day I am here, and I only hope that one day I can give back some small part of what it has made me today.