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Global Competence Award

Image of global cities sign.

Global competence is crucial for successful careers and citizenship in today’s global world. Mount Holyoke offers many amazing opportunities, in and outside the classroom, on and off campus, to advance your global competence.

The Global Competence Award is given to seniors with demonstrated achievement in language learning, cultural immersion, global perspective-taking, and cross-cultural learning.  


1. Language Requirement

Complete at least three courses, in the same language, beyond the College's language requirement, while enrolled at Mount Holyoke. One course taken pass/fail can be accepted. 

2. Cultural Immersion

Complete at least one of the following:

3. Global Perspectives

Complete at least two courses that explore a global issue from different perspectives.

4. Cross-Cultural Learning on Campus

Participate in at least one of the following:

  • Live on a language floor
  • Participate in the Global Partners' Program
  • Be active in a student organization with an international focus (you will need to supply a description of your participation of 250 words or less when you submit your application)

5. Reflective Essay (no more than 500 words)


  1. Track your progress towards meeting the requirements and submit your application for the Global Competence Award
  2. The McCulloch Center certifies that a student has met the criteria for the award. Seniors need to submit their application in MyMountHolyoke by March 1st of their senior year.
  3. Seniors will receive the award at a special ceremony during Commencement Week.
  4. The award will be listed in the Commencement program and noted on the transcript.
  5. If you have questions about whether certain courses or activities will meet the criteria for the award, please contact Jenny Medina ( in the McCulloch Center.

2019 Award Winners

  • Edith Amoafoa-Smart
  • Zashira Arias
  • Abigail Baker
  • Elizabeth Beaton
  • Si Chen
  • Kuan-Chi Chen
  • Diana Choi
  • Serena Clapp-Clark
  • Mattie Davis
  • Lorena Escolero
  • Katheryn Flaherty
  • Qianzhen Fu
  • Stella Grill-Dubois
  • Victoria Guerra
  • Virginia Guerra
  • Yumeng Guo
  • Eveline-Adele Halpert
  • Sara Harda
  • Andrea Hernandez
  • Yizhen Huang
  • Yeon Jae Hwang
  • Javeria Kella
  • Destinee Kemp
  • Kiera McCabe
  • Cara Metivier
  • Corrin Moss
  • Srilekha Murthy
  • Samantha Neally
  • Ha Pham
  • Sunan Qian
  • Lucy Rabinowitz
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Christine Stang
  • Mary (Molly) Walsh
  • Anran Wang
  • Ningzi Xia
  • Xiangyu Zhang

Past Award Winners

  • 2018: 36 seniors from 27 different majors and minors
  • 2017: 38 seniors from 20 different majors
  • 2016: 19 seniors from 11 different majors