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Education for global citizenship and careers

Broaden Your Perspective: Core Programs

Photo of a Mount Holyoke student taking part in an international internship

International Internships & Research

From Monrovia to Mumbai to Managua, funded mentored summer projects enrich your path at Mount Holyoke — and your career prospects. Take advantage of the McCulloch Center’s broad, carefully cultivated global network of internship and research opportunities in 20+ countries across the globe.

Photo of a group of students on a study abroad trip in Coste Verde

Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers some of the most profound experiences of your life. You’ll gain new perspectives, knowledge and skills to navigate and succeed in today's interconnected world. Choose from more than 150 programs in 50 countries.

Photo of a group of international students

International Students

From arrival to graduation, we connect international students with the support and resources they need to thrive and become active engaged members of the Mount Holyoke community.

Photo of Leymah Gbowee at the podium

Global Curriculum

At Mount Holyoke College, we prepare students to contribute to positive change in today’s global environment. Our Global Challenges conferences, Carol Hoffmann Collins Global Scholars-in-Residence, and many courses analyze real-world problems and solutions.

In the face of rising nationalism and prejudice, we reaffirm our core values of international education.
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Photo of Cat Lamond ’18 in Costa Rica

What Costa Rica Taught Her

Cat Lamond ’18 spent six months of her junior year at the world renowned Monteverde Institute (MVI) in Costa Rica.
Photo of Olivia Lucas ’18 and her host famliy in Cameroon

Lessons from Cameroon

For Olivia Lucas ’18, multilingualism was her gateway to a new culture and experience of identity.
Photo of Hoa Nguyen ’18

This International Student Loves a Challenge

Hoa Nguyen ’18 was determined to take part in everything Mount Holyoke provides for a comprehensive global education.

Our Mission

The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives empowers students to thrive in the diverse and interconnected world of the 21st century. We create and foster educational programming to cultivate knowledgeable leaders and responsible citizens of the global community. The exceptional international diversity of our community offers a powerful context for building global competence.