The class of 2006 marching in the 2019 Laurel Parade

Alum Communities

Classes, clubs and groups affiliated with the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College connect alums to one another and to the College. Members interact in person and virtually, hosting events, serving the local community, providing career networking opportunities and connecting over shared interests. Membership in our more than one hundred clubs and groups is open to any alum, graduate or non-graduate, who attended Mount Holyoke for at least a year, or any recipient of a graduate degree from Mount Holyoke College.


Class websites are maintained by individuals from each class, who are responsible for keeping them current and accurate.


  • Scribe: Barbara Scherlis


  • President and Head Class Agent: Nancy Wilder
  • Vice President and Secretary: Virginia Geils


  • Vice President: Ann Lincoln
  • At-Large Officer and Scribe: Elizabeth Bachman
  • At-Large Officer: Jennie Brockelman
  • Nominating Committee Member: Katherine O’Halloran


  • President: Joan Hartman
  • Vice President: Rosemary Atkinson


  • Head Class Agent: Dayle Jones
  • Head Class Agent: Janice Pierce


  • President: Jane Beatty
  • Scribe: Patricia Preston


  • Co-President: Ellen Messing
  • Co-President: Mary Remensnyder
  • Co-Scribe: Elaine Marshack
  • Co-Scribe: Ellin Rosenzweig


  • President, Head Class Agent and Web Site Coordinator: Joan Ripley 
  • Co-Vice President: Sylvia Lucas
  • Co-Vice President: Nancy Lane
  • Treasurer: Jane Barth
  • Scribe: Susan Keller
  • At-Large Officer: Mary Churchill
  • At-Large Officer: Joan Leonard
  • Head Class Agent: Judy Vernon
  • Head Class Agent: Nancy Zambelli
  • Class website


  • Co-President: Carolyn Harris
  • Co-President: Audrey Wegst
  • Treasurer: Roberta Kaufman
  • Scribe and Website Coordinator: Ellen Landowne
  • At-Large Officer: Nita Argyres
  • At-Large Officer: Meredith McGregor
  • Head Class Agent: Judy Sewell
  • Head Class Agent: Judy Stein


  • President: Frieda O’Hanlon
  • Vice President: Frances Roethgen
  • Co-Scribe: Minxie Fannin
  • Co-Scribe: Frances Weller
  • Class website


  • President: Elisabeth Baker
  • Vice President: Joyce Klein
  • Secretary: Barbara Travis
  • Treasurer: Virginia Keith
  • Scribe: Joan Rosen
  • Website Coordinator: Benita Cohen
  • Head Class Agent: Elizabeth Beuthel
  • Head Class Agent: Ann Dolbear
  • Class website


  • President: Jane Finleon
  • Vice President: Ann Armstrong
  • Secretary and Scribe: Chuckie Blaney
  • At-Large Officer: M. Faith Angell
  • At-Large Officer: Norene Coller
  • At-Large Officer: Martha Doolittle
  • At-Large Officer: Judy Uman
  • Head Class Agent: Elizabeth Bauer
  • Class website


  • President: Jean Mahoney
  • Vice President: Nancy Bloom
  • Treasurer: Janet Keffer
  • Co-Scribe: Sarah Peterson
  • Co-Scribe: Linda Sturtevant
  • Website Coordinator: Ann Williams
  • Head Class Agent: Lucy Eubanks
  • Head Class Agent: Joyce Spencer
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Joan Steiger
  • Nominating Committee Member: Gemma Baker
  • Nominating Committee Member: Carol Beatty
  • Class website


  • President: Barbara Douglass
  • Vice President: Roxane Hughes
  • Treasurer: Elsa van Bergen
  • Co-Scribe: Nancy Cox
  • Co-Scribe: Carolyn Holmquist
  • Website Coordinator: Elizabeth Barrett
  • Nominating Committee Member: Judy Kennedy
  • Nominating Committee Member: Mary Weinland
  • Class website


  • President: Peggy Schwartz
  • Co-Scribe: Carol Kent
  • Co-Scribe: Judy Osborne
  • Head Class Agent: Peg Cunningham
  • Head Class Agent: Hannah MacLaren
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: M. Elaine Jacoby
  • Vice President: Karel Koenig
  • Treasurer and Website Coordinator: Stephanie Smith
  • Co-Scribe: Suzy Adams
  • Co-Scribe: Susan Kroeger
  • Co-Scribe: Doris Sisley
  • Co-Scribe: Nancy White
  • Website Coordinator and Mini-Reunion Chair: Sarah Nunneley
  • Website Coordinator: Mary Ann Weiss
  • Head Class Agent: Alice Andrus
  • Head Class Agent: Jane Bragg
  • Head Class Agent: Lilian Kemp
  • Reunion Chair: Sally Donner
  • Class website


  • President: Betsy Mulcare
  • Vice President: Anita Weinblatt
  • Secretary: Deborah Nightengale
  • Treasurer: Diane Fenton
  • Co-Scribe: Priscilla Huston
  • Co-Scribe: Jean Vnenchak
  • Head Class Agent: Nancy August
  • Head Class Agent: Mary Victor Giersch
  • Head Class Agent: Nancy Goff
  • Head Class Agent: Gretchen Hays
  • Head Class Agent: Gail Humphreys
  • Head Class Agent: Wendy Jackson
  • Head Class Agent: Barbara Resnek
  • Head Class Agent: Carol Theodore
  • Nominating Committee Member: Gretchen Green
  • Nominating Committee Member: Gail Hanson
  • Nominating Committee Member: Marilyn Hoffman
  • Reunion Chair: Mary Ann Anthony
  • Officer - Other: Mary Lee Warren
  • Class website


  • President: Dorothy Derick
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Sallie Abbas
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Elizabeth Steadman
  • Secretary: Margaret Conkey
  • Treasurer: Beverly Harrison
  • Assistant Treasurer: Martha Bernstein
  • Co-Scribe: Nancy Kuehler
  • Co-Scribe: Katharine Swan
  • Website Coordinator: Christina Tree
  • Video Conference Coordinator: Margaret Bell
  • Head Class Agent: Jacqueline Berkowitz
  • Head Class Agent: Sara Hartman
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Margaret Harlor
  • Nominating Committee Member: Diane McIntyre
  • Nominating Committee Member: Caroline Sloat
  • Nominating Committee Member: Lynn Wadhams
  • Nominating Committee Member: Karen Zumwalt
  • Officer - Other: Judy Partlow
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Jo-An Heileman
  • Co-Vice President: Martha Lyman
  • Co-Vice President: Ann McCann
  • Secretary: Jane Welch
  • Treasurer and Head Class Agent: Martha Ferry
  • Scribe: Mary Duffy-Guerrero
  • Website Coordinator: Flora Franconi
  • Head Class Agent: Lael Carter
  • Head Class Agent: Eleanor Cicerchi
  • Head Class Agent: Martha Denzel
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Blythe Cavanaugh
  • Nominating Committee Member: Mary Jane Bent
  • Nominating Committee Member: Barbara Yates
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Susan Mozena
  • Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer: Diane Lehder
  • Co-Scribe: Sally Myers
  • Co-Scribe: Lucille Sutton
  • Head Class Agent: Cornelia Farmer
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Joanna Jones
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Joyce Kling
  • Head Class Agent: Margaret Teaford
  • Nominating Committee Member: Marcia Kropf
  • Nominating Committee Member: Sue Ellen Utley
  • Nominating Committee Member: Anne Wright
  • Facebook


  • President and Website Coordinator: Nancie Fimbel
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Nancy Davis
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Susan Simpson
  • Corresponding Secretary: Holly Bean
  • Secretary and Scribe: Eloise Killeffer
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Cosgrove
  • Head Class Agent: Linda Gross
  • Head Class Agent: Ellen Petrino
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Paula Leidich
  • Nominating Committee Member: Cynthia Morrell
  • Nominating Committee Member: Susan Rieger
  • Class website


  • Co-President: Sally Davis
  • Co-President: Belle Hagey
  • Vice President and Reunion Chair: Catherine Campbell
  • Secretary and Scribe: Ida Nystrom
  • Treasurer: Kathryn Cannon
  • Website Coordinator: Gertrude Levy
  • Head Class Agent: Marcia Coleman
  • Class website


  • President: Ann Berkey
  • Vice President: Katherine Hart
  • Secretary: Patricia Mitchell
  • Co-Treasurer and Nominating Committee Member: Jill Brethauer
  • Co-Treasurer: Marjorie Gross
  • Co-Scribe: Ellen Hirzy
  • Co-Scribe: Diane Murphy
  • Website Coordinator: Jill Blackwood
  • Head Class Agent: Beth Kofron
  • Head Class Agent: Antoinette Tschann
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Jane Farran
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Elizabeth Gould
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sharon Lorenzo
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Karen Muller
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Yvonne Watford-McKinney
  • Nominating Committee Chair and Reunion Co-Chair: Barbara Monks
  • Nominating Committee Member: Charlotte Church
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Margaret Harris
  • Vice President and Head Class Agent: Andrea Lange
  • Treasurer and Reunion Co-Chair: Carol Mills
  • Scribe: Linda Keown
  • Website Coordinator: Katherine Bendo
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Beth Boland
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Lisa Oberreuter
  • Nominating Committee Member: Jane Mayo
  • Nominating Committee Member: Margaret Rotundo
  • Nominating Committee Member: Sallie Welles
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Mona Gubow
  • Co-Vice President: Holly Sundquist
  • Co-Vice President: Hope Yelich
  • Treasurer: Lynn Kinch
  • Scribe: Kimberly Blake
  • Website Coordinator: Carol Zwick
  • Head Class Agent: Sandra Lewis
  • Nominating Committee Member: Karen Davis
  • Nominating Committee Member: Louise Gentile
  • Nominating Committee Member: Nola Lynch


  • President: Cheryl Maloney
  • Vice President: Joan Regan
  • Secretary: Kristine Aulenbach
  • Treasurer: Loisann White
  • Scribe: Nancy Ross
  • Head Class Agent: Nancy Drake
  • Head Class Agent: Maria Mossaides
  • Website Coordinator: Susan Anderson
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kimberly Fletcher
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Betsy Lawyer Allinson
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Marjorie Marcotte
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Jane Clunie
  • Nominating Committee Member and Connections Co-Chair: Loraine Giles
  • Nominating Committee Member: Deborah Northcross
  • Connections Chair: Joanne Adamowicz
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President and Mini-Reunion Chair: Melissa Thorton
  • Vice President and Mini-Reunion Chair: Denise Thomas
  • Secretary: Doris O’Keefe
  • Treasurer: Mary Grantham-Sleet
  • Scribe: Marylloyd Claytor
  • Head Class Agent: Leslie Bowen
  • Head Class Agent: LaVida Dowdell
  • Head Class Agent: Deborah Hall
  • Head Class Agent and Class Zoom Chair: Jane Zimmy
  • Reunion Chair and Class Zoom Chair: Gail LaRocca
  • Class Zoom Chair: Maria Mandler
  • Class Zoom Chair: Nanette Ward
  • Mini-Reunion Chair: Mary Feeney
  • Mini-Reunion Committee: Florence Chichester
  • Mini-Reunion Committee: Cynthia Polk-Allen
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Carole LaMond
  • Nominating Committee Member: Nancy Arcieri
  • Nominating Committee Member: Beth Gibson
  • Social Media Chair: Laurie Averill
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Elizabeth Stone
  • Co-President: Sandra Walsh
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Linnea Grealish
  • Co-Vice President, Reunion Co-Chair and Co-Scribe: Judy Stein
  • Secretary: Jane Crosby
  • Co-Treasurer: Coral Grout
  • Co-Treasurer: Alice Maroni
  • Co-Scribe: Eileen Epstein
  • Co-Scribe: Judy Stein
  • Head Class Agent: Ruth Dillingham
  • Head Class Agent: Alexandra Fotiades
  • Website Coordinator: Rhonda Berney
  • Nominating Committee Member: Elaine Milnor
  • Nominating Committee Member: Dale Murphy
  • Nominating Committee Member: Denise Terrazas
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Laurie Bent
  • Co-President: Sarah Denby
  • Secretary: Susan Saviteer
  • Treasurer and Head Class Agent: Susy Heldman
  • Scribe and Head Class Agent: Anne McNulty
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Beverly Wise
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Palma Yanni
  • Nominating Committee Member: Margaret Buchanan
  • Nominating Committee Member: Patricia Howie
  • Nominating Committee Member: Karen LeRoy
  • Communications Co-Chair: Sue Dodell
  • Communications Co-Chair: Pamela Schwarzmann
  • Connections Chair: Tinky Weisblat
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Liz Gershon
  • Vice President: Merry Hampton
  • Secretary: Susan Saxe
  • Treasurer: Susan Clark
  • Co-Scribe: Nancy Jarrett
  • Co-Scribe: Andi Taber
  • Head Class Agent: Meredith Jacob
  • Head Class Agent: Avice Meehan
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Catherine Gibson
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Christine Sass
  • Nominating Committee Member: Susan Colgan
  • Communications Chair: Alex Woody
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Maureen Kuhn
  • Vice President and Nominating Committee Member: MaryKate Holden
  • Co-Secretary and Co-Scribe: Diana Baker
  • Co-Secretary and Co-Scribe: Dina Cellini
  • Treasurer: Laura Barnard
  • Head Class Agent and Nominating Committee Member: Robin Brooksbank
  • Head Class Agent: Margaret Fouhey
  • Website Coordinator and Nominating Committee Member: Nancy Rosoff
  • Website Coordinator: Laurie Woo
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Patrice Kirshbaum
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kathleen Sharkey
  • Nominating Committee Member: Jana Brownell
  • Nominating Committee Member: Peg Burroughs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • President: Cynthia Oates
  • Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Claudia Krimsky Kee
  • Treasurer: Leslie Sutphen
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Heidi Coutu
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Jennifer Newman
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Heidi Schwarz
  • Co-Scribe: Bobbi Langer
  • Co-Scribe: Anne Livingston
  • Head Class Agent: Melinda Mann
  • Head Class Agent: Anne McKenny
  • Website Coordinator: Katherine Nixon
  • Nominating Committee Member: Elizabeth Gray
  • Nominating Committee Member: Dianne McElroy
  • Nominating Committee Member: Elizabeth Taylor
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Mary Anne Poatsy
  • Co-President: Marjory Wentworth
  • Vice President: Nadia Heath
  • Treasurer: Kym Statham
  • Scribe: Anne Williams


  • President: Cerise Jalelian-Keim
  • Vice-President: Tara Mia Paone
  • Secretary: Sarah Elwood
  • Treasurer: Carrie Bourke
  • Scribe: Elizabeth Hanson
  • Head Class Agent: Yvonne Gibney
  • Head Class Agent: Elizabeth Wagner
  • Reunion Co-Chair and Social Co-Chair: Julie Berenson-Howard
  • Reunion Co-Chair and Social Co-Chair: Susan Mann-Whitten
  • Website Coordinator and Social Co-Chair: Robin Prout
  • Nominating Committee Member: Grace Gray
  • Nominating Committee Member: Victoria Powers
  • Nominating Committee Member: MaryAnne Young
  • Communications Chair: Katharine Ramsden
  • Social Co-Chair: Debra Guston
  • Social Co-Chair: Antoria Howard-Marrow
  • Social Co-Chair: Nan Solomons
  • Social Media Co-Chair: Sheila Rose
  • Social Media Co-Chair: Marion Taicsich
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Laura Goode
  • Vice-President: Ruth Anne Wolfe
  • Secretary: Johanna Phillips-Clark
  • Treasurer: Mary Ellen Gearin
  • Co-Scribe: Mary-Alice Austin
  • Co-Scribe: Virginia Lincoln
  • Head Class Agent: Janice Albert
  • Head Class Agent: Mary Beth Daniel
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Lois Graham
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Carolyn Sullivan
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Cynthia Aziz
  • Nominating Committee Member: Kathryn Anischik
  • Nominating Committee Member: Karen Davis Delk
  • Nominating Committee Member: Theda Page
  • Nominating Committee Member: Andrea Sullivan
  • Communications Chair and Social Media Chair: Maria Murphy
  • Facebook


  • President and Nominating Committee Member: Jerrienne Barrett
  • Vice President and Nominating Committee Member: Kathryn Hughes
  • Secretary: Almerinda Kolodziej
  • Treasurer: Irene Giman
  • Co-Scribe: Cheryl Baulding
  • Co-Scribe: Charlotte Lehmann
  • Head Class Agent: Marianne McDermott
  • Head Class Agent: Melissa Oca
  • Head Class Agent: Maureen Tracy
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Pamela Smith
  • Reunion Co-Chair, Nominating Committee Member and Website Coordinator: Elisa Walts
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: C. Dale Gadsden
  • Treasurer: Susan Slote
  • Co-Scribe: Ellen Cosgrove
  • Co-Scribe: Naomi Lindower
  • Head Class Agent: Melissa Vance
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Maria Copses
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Elizabeth Keane
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Alison Perin
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Alison Powell
  • Website Coordinator: Maria Botta
  • Nominating Committee Member: Elaine Flanagan
  • Nominating Committee Member: Janice Hayes-Cha
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Michele O’Connell
  • Co-President: Mary Partyka
  • Co-President: Melinda Smith
  • Secretary: Stacy Fatale
  • Treasurer: Jean Zeiler
  • Co-Scribe: Rebekah Cotton
  • Co-Scribe: Renee Lewis
  • Head Class Agent: Anne-Marie McGonnigal
  • Head Class Agent: Beth Sears
  • Reunion Chair: Elizabeth Austin
  • Website Coordinator: Diane Biederman
  • Website Coordinator: Brooke Russell-Zaccone
  • Nominating Committee Member: Donna Dawson
  • Nominating Committee Member: Kavita Ramdas
  • Nominating Committee Member: Paulette Thompson
  • Class website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • President: Carolyn Roesler
  • Vice President: Kirsten Frazier
  • Secretary: Claudia Kulesh
  • Treasurer: Bernadette Minton
  • Co-Scribe: Amy Mabley
  • Co-Scribe: Elizabeth Meyerson
  • Head Class Agent: Caroline Griep
  • Head Class Agent: Kristen Renn
  • Reunion Chair: Louise Peach
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Sarah Mutschlecner
  • Social Media Chair: Becky Gannon
  • Facebook


  • President: Kristen Materne
  • Vice President: Heather Wilcauskas
  • Secretary: Jessica Riviere
  • Treasurer: Deborah Sinderson
  • Co-Scribe: Joyce McGhee
  • Co-Scribe: Noelle Thurlow
  • Head Class Agent: Wilma Ragan-Martin
  • Website Coordinator: Ellen Berman
  • Nominating Committee Member: Josephine Andal Kaye
  • Facebook


  • President and Scribe: Gillian Furniss
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Pamela Greenberg
  • Co-Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Tania Isenstein
  • Secretary: Mindy Blackstock
  • Treasurer and Head Class Agent: Sarah Vezeau
  • Head Class Agent: Kathleen Jasaitis
  • Nominating Committee Co-Chair: Jennifer Chernak
  • Nominating Committee Co-Chair: Nathalie Wilson
  • Nominating Committee Member: Desiree Bruggeman
  • Communications Co-Chair: Harriet Baldwin
  • Communications Co-Chair: Deirdre Boling
  • Facebook


  • Vice President: Amy Andersen
  • Secretary: Jill Havens
  • Treasurer: Anya Butt
  • Scribe: Janet Buhlman
  • Head Class Agent: Lynn Mercier
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Erika O’Brien Mason
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Wendy Weiss
  • Website Coordinator: LaVerne Canady
  • Nominating Committee Member: Grace Buchanan
  • Nominating Committee Member: Marjorie Salvodon
  • Nominating Committee Member: Amy Zuckerman
  • Facebook


  • President: Julie Treumann
  • Treasurer: Camille Gagliardi
  • Scribe: Ellen Curran
  • Head Class Agent: Sabrina Maurer
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Mary Bozza Wise
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kathleen Turland
  • Website Coordinator: Liz Barrett
  • Program Chair: Diana Brassard
  • Facebook


  • President: Jennifer Taylor
  • Vice President and Reunion Chair: Meredith Elkins
  • Co-Secretary and Co-Scribe: Nicole Guttormsen
  • Co-Secretary, Co-Scribe and Nominating Committee Member: Jennifer Harper 
  • Treasurer: Dianne Greenfield
  • Head Class Agent: Sarah Anderson
  • Head Class Agent: Kirsten Peeler
  • Nominating Committee Member: Shannon Giordano
  • Nominating Committee Member: Marisol Johnson
  • Facebook


  • President: Julie Temlak
  • Vice President: Eileen Proof
  • Secretary: Lynda Vescio
  • Treasurer: Heather Foley
  • Co-Scribe: Krystiane Cooper
  • Co-Scribe: Ariann Stern-Gottschalk
  • Head Class Agent: Jennifer McCabe
  • Website Coordinator: Kate Gombos
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Janae Donady
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Laurel Plimier
  • Nominating Committee Member: Amy Grohman
  • Nominating Committee Member: Karen Heath-Wade
  • Nominating Committee Member: Janet Nielsen
  • Nominating Committee Member: Adrienne Stanfill
  • Nominating Committee Member: Jennifer Webster
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Jennifer Flynn
  • Vice President: Michelle Tisdale
  • Co-Secretary and Co-Scribe: Olivia Boler
  • Co-Secretary and Co-Scribe: Cecilia Vernes
  • Treasurer: Erin Purcell
  • Head Class Agent and Nominating Committee Member: Andrea Lowther
  • Head Class Agent: Heather Stone
  • Website Coordinator: Charlotte Evans
  • Website Coordinator: Julia Labaton
  • Website Coordinator: Tina Nagpaul
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Lisa Buffit
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Tiffany Clay
  • Nominating Committee Member: Catherine Kimball-Eayrs 
  • Nominating Committee Member: Amy Winn-Dworkin
  • Facebook


  • President: Margaret Schmitz
  • Vice President: Molly Jridi
  • Treasurer: Jennifer TerMaat
  • Co-Scribe: Victoria Conner
  • Co-Scribe: Melanie Megginson
  • Head Class Agent: Amy Driscoll
  • Head Class Agent: Leslie Green
  • Head Class Agent: Susannah Scott
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Rachel Levin
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Rebecca LoVerso
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Emily McGrath-Christie
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Karen Jochimsen
  • Nominating Committee Member: Carolyn Groff
  • Nominating Committee Member: Kimberly Hebert
  • Nominating Committee Member: Minerva Phifer
  • Facebook


  • President: Yvonne Neal
  • Vice President: Pamela Winthrop
  • Treasurer: Michelle Zamperetti
  • Co-Scribe: Rebecca Chan
  • Co-Scribe: Sara Stall-Ryan
  • Head Class Agent: Cristina Ilangakoon
  • Website Coordinator: Glorimar Medina
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Gretchen Connard
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Andrea Fionda
  • Nominating Committee Member: Anna Rima Dael
  • Nominating Committee Member: Laurie Light
  • Nominating Committee Member: Carmel O’Meara
  • Facebook


  • President: Elizabeth Babbin
  • Co-Vice President: Teca Galvao
  • Co-Vice President: Ahu Terzi
  • Secretary: Melinda Mendoza-Scott
  • Treasurer: Jessica Dial
  • Co-Scribe: Natasha Domina
  • Co-Scribe: Lynette Rizzo
  • Head Class Agent: Molly Vigour
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Tiffany Cayarga
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Molly Pretorious Holme
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sarah Thomforde
  • Facebook


  • President: Amanda Okamoto
  • Co-Vice President: Amy Foster
  • Co-Vice President: Jill Schwartz
  • Secretary: Sabrina Holley-Williams
  • Co-Treasurer: Elizabeth DeFilippo
  • Co-Treasurer: Kate Kelly
  • Co-Scribe: Caissa Hadash
  • Co-Scribe: Stephanie Trauner
  • Head Class Agent: Amy Coyle
  • Head Class Agent: Jennifer Fout
  • Head Class Agent: Leslie Fu Pang
  • Website Coordinator: Kathryn Nielsen
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Aurora Chichester
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Christine Holley-Williams
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Jennifer Jurcsak
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kristin McNamara
  • Nominating Committee Member: Sarah Chasse
  • Nominating Committee Member: Deana Kussman
  • Nominating Committee Member: Grace Nicksa
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Beth De Bella
  • Vice President: Jennifer Brown
  • Secretary: Rose Pawlikowski
  • Treasurer: Julie Doyle-Madrid
  • Co-Scribe: Shannon Conners
  • Co-Scribe: Kathleen Conway
  • Co-Scribe: Adrienne Sharpe
  • Head Class Agent: Alanna Boyd
  • Head Class Agent: Carrie Kortegast
  • Website Coordinator: Susan Ely
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kimberly Kedziorek
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Susanna Saul
  • Nominating Committee Member: Erin Alarcon
  • Nominating Committee Member: Meghan Malone-Moses
  • Nominating Committee Member: Erin Richards
  • Facebook


  • President: Markeisha Miner
  • Vice President: Addison Beaux
  • Treasurer and Head Class Agent: Katia deSouza
  • Co-Scribe: Kira de Long
  • Co-Scribe: Carol Manahan
  • Co-Scribe: Deanne Ochoa-Durrell
  • Head Class Agent: Laura Tepper
  • Website Coordinator: Karla Delgado
  • Website Coordinator: Aarti Kapuria
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sandra Aguirre-Miranda
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Barb Kallin
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kristen Rasmussen
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Kabila Williams
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Damaris Woodbury
  • Nominating Committee Member: Vonetta Sylvestre
  • Facebook


  • President: Crys Latham
  • Vice President: Peta-Gaye Williams
  • Secretary and Website Coordinator: Margaret Anne Fredricks
  • Treasurer: Destiny Barletta
  • Co-Scribe: Catherine Herrold
  • Co-Scribe: Rita MacRae
  • Head Class Agent: Wendy Fisher
  • Head Class Agent: Cynthia Krohn
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Radley Eames
  • Reunion Co- Chair: Sylvia Roldan
  • Nominating Committee Member: Caitlin Callahan
  • Nominating Committee Member: Akilah Charlemagne
  • Nominating Committee Member: Raquel Lloreda
  • Facebook


  • President: Maybeth Soverino
  • Vice President: Renee Sweeney
  • Secretary and Head Class Agent: Leise Smyrl
  • Treasurer: Melissa Russell
  • Co-Scribe: Mariana Campbell
  • Co-Scribe: Elizabeth Rugen
  • Co-Scribe: Jennifer Garrow
  • Reunion Chair: Elizabeth Weisman
  • Nominating Committee Member: Sharon Wood
  • Facebook


  • President: Ramona Marks
  • Co-Vice President: Elizabeth Meade
  • Co-Vice President: Ayesha Mustafa
  • Secretary: Sarah Reckless
  • Treasurer: Sarah Kelly
  • Co-Scribe: Jennifer Garrow
  • Co-Scribe: Margaret Grady
  • Head Class Agent: Kylie Gilmore
  • Head Class Agent: Thanh Tran
  • Website Coordinator: Stacy Jagodowski
  • Reunion Chair: Sarah Nystrom
  • Facebook


  • President: Jacqueline Miller
  • Vice President and Reunion Co-Chair: Catherine O’Brien
  • Treasurer: Lauren Duffy
  • Co-Scribe: Margaret Stoddard
  • Co-Scribe: Laura Westfall
  • Head Class Agent: Abigail Egginton
  • Head Class Agent: Christine Mulshine
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Shannon Gessner
  • Nominating Committee Member: Hannah Kolak
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Sophia Apostola
  • Co-President: Margaret Byrne
  • Co-Vice President: Brenda Hernandez
  • Co-Vice President: Adrienne Pope
  • Treasurer: Chrysanthe Courniotes
  • Co-Scribe: Gabby Bachuber
  • Co-Scribe: Kori Binette
  • Head Class Agent: Norma Barrett
  • Head Class Agent: Anna Robertson
  • Head Class Agent: Lindsay Theile
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Rebecca McNealy
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Vanessa Megaw
  • Nominating Committee Member: Kate Hill
  • Class website
  • Facebook


  • President: Emily Colgan
  • Vice President: Sierra Thomson
  • Secretary: Elizabeth DeCoster
  • Treasurer: Joana Souza
  • Co-Scribe: Allison Butler
  • Co-Scribe: Joanna Chlebus
  • Co-Scribe: Heather DiGiovanni
  • Website Coordinator: Katherine Wynen
  • Head Class Agent: Joanna Testa
  • Head Class Agent: Kate Vigour
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Caroline Aranibar
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sharon Smith
  • Nominating Committee Member: Claudia Calhoun
  • Nominating Committee Member: Megan Hudson-MacRae
  • Nominating Committee Member: Laura Khor


  • Co-President: Tamara Dews
  • Co-President: Cynthia Rocha Diaz
  • Co-Vice President: Janelle Harper
  • Co-Vice President: Natalie Rodrigues
  • Secretary: Lauren Mulcahy
  • Treasurer: Bridget Mahoney
  • Co-Scribe: Emily Giglierano
  • Co-Scribe: Anne Speedie
  • Website Coordinator: Sarah Viera
  • Head Class Agent: Anna Goltz
  • Head Class Agent: Lindsay Nystrom
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Dani O’Shea
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Maria Pencheva
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Joanna Pushee
  • Nominating Committee Member: Kristina Yucius
  • Facebook


  • Co-President: Audrey Markarian
  • Co-President: Katherine Winick
  • Vice President: Kathryn Dupont
  • Secretary: Lori Birrell
  • Treasurer: Karen Loweth
  • Co-Scribe: Carly Covieo
  • Co-Scribe: Elisabeth D’Agosto
  • Co-Scribe: Courtney Reinfried
  • Head Class Agent: Margaret Conway
  • Reunion Chair: Maggie Behringer
  • Nominating Committee Member: Beckie Markarian
  • Facebook


  • President: Katie Adler
  • Secretary: Meg Massey
  • Treasurer: Katharine Telman
  • Co-Scribe: Natasha Sokol
  • Co-Scribe: Emily Wagner
  • Website Coordinator: Laurie O’Hara
  • Head Class Agent: Julie Butash
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sally Brzozowski
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Jennifer Udden
  • Nominating Committee Member: Mattie Byrneheim
  • Nominating Committee Member: Madeeha Channah
  • Nominating Committee Member: Jennifer Garner
  • Nominating Committee Member: Irena Islam
  • Nominating Committee Member: Emily Shrair
  • Facebook


  • President: Dana Capasso Stivers
  • Vice President: Priyanjali Ghosh
  • Secretary: Lara Shibata
  • Treasurer: Shandra Goldfinger
  • Scribe: Kathleen Banaszak
  • Website Coordinator: Jessica Fabal
  • Website Coordinator: Devaki Gair-MacMichael
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Caitlin Healey
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Hannah Rogal
  • Head Class Agent: Dana Amsbary
  • Head Class Agent: Myra Braswell
  • Head Class Agent: Ukwori Ejibe
  • Nominating Committee Member: Molly Buermann
  • Nominating Committee Member: Elise Hale-Case
  • Nominating Committee Member: Clara Kim
  • Facebook














Clubs and groups

Membership in our more than one hundred alum clubs and groups is open to any alum, graduate or non-graduate, who attended Mount Holyoke for at least a year, or any recipient of a graduate degree from Mount Holyoke College.



Birmingham, AL
Contact: Pauline Scott ’82


Central and Northern Arizona

Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Barbara Harrington Murphy ’75

Southern Arizona

Tucson, AZ
Contact:  Christine Wells ’81


Northern California

San Francisco, CA Website Facebook Group

Co-Contact: Sarah Lua ’07
Co-Contact: Katie Wynen ’05

San Diego

San Diego, CA
Club Contact: Kelly Nilsson ’88


Palo Alto, CA Website / Facebook Group
Contact: Lisa Weissman ’84

Contact: Trudy Levy ’69

Southern California

Club of Southern California Website /Los Angeles, CA Facebook Group
Contact: Andrea Lange ’71



Denver, CO Facebook Group
Contact: Janet Hayes ’74



Bridgeport, CT
Contact: Nan Redmond ’77
Contact:  Laura OBrien ’73


Hartford, CT Website
Facebook Group
Contact: Carolyn Dorais ’68
Contact:  Teresa Morais ’94

Fairfield Villages

Old Greenwich, CT Facebook Page
Contact: Cheryl Greene ’88
Contact:  Beth Cutler ’82

District of Columbia

Washington DC

Washington, DC Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Esther Nasjleti ’92
Contact:  Carla Lambert ’88


West Central Florida

Tampa area, FL Facebook Group
Contact: Jeanne Egan ’87

Palm Beach

Palm Beach County, FL Facebook Group
Contact: Beth Cutler ’82


Pensacola, FL
Co-Contact: Kamala Tribus ’81
Co-Contact: Laura Keith King ’74

Southeast Florida

Miami, FL Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Ivelisse Berio LeBeau ’87
Co-Contact: Claudia Mendieta ’81

Southwest Florida

Sarasota, FL Website
Contact: Joyce Gleason ’69
Contact:  Leslie Farrand ’77



Atlanta, GA Facebook Group
Contact: Teresa (Terri) Kruzan ’75



Boise, ID
Contact: Sarah (Sally) Michalec ’76



Chicago, IL

Facebook Group
Contact: Alexis Lewis Trocki ’05



Bloomington, IN
Contact: Stacie M. King ’93


Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Catherine Boeckmann ’90
Contact: Peggy Boehm ’66 



Kansas City

Overland Park, KS WebsiteFacebook Group

Contact: Alice Capson ’71



New Orleans, LA Facebook Group
Contact: Molly Vigour ’96



Brunswick, ME Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Heather Lee Stone ’93
Co-Contact: Jennifer Meserve ’92


Greater Baltimore, MD
Contact: Celine Mathijsen Greenwood ’13



Greater Boston, MA  Facebook Page
Contact: Shannon Dalton Giordano ’91

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, MA  Facebook Page
Contact: Melissa Russell ’01

Pioneer Valley

South Hadley, MA Facebook Group
Contact: Danielle (Dani) Ryan ’06


Worcester, MA
Contact: Susan Manning ’96



Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI Facebook Page
Contact: Sevanne A. Demirjian ’95


West Bloomfield, MI
Contact: Virginia Delaney-Black ’69

SouthWest Michigan

St. Joseph, MI
Contact: Becky Foster ’82



Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Anne Jennen ’88


Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Contact:  Alice Capson ’71
Contact:  Elizabeth (Libby) Bartlett ’94

        Saint Louis

Saint Louis, MO
Contact: Ellie Schwetye ’04


Southwest Montana

Helena, MT
Contact: April Sparks ’04

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Stratham, NH
Contact: Lois A. Graham ’82

New Jersey

Bergen-Passaic-Rockland Counties

Midland Park, NJ
Co-Contact: Amy Woodard ’00
Co-Contact: Linda Saxon ’95

Monmouth County

Red Bank, NJ
Contact: Elizabeth McDermott ’80

Northern New Jersey

Madison, NJ Facebook Group
Contact: Carolyn Conant-Hiley ’83


Princeton, NJ
Contact: Sara Hill ’62
Contact:  Nell Whiting ’74

New York


Buffalo, NY
Contact: Uma Pinninti-Cassagnol ’97

Capital District

Slingerlands, NY
Contact: Miriam Cantor-Stone ’12

Genesee Valley

Rochester, NY
Contact: Sue Bonafini ’82

Long Island

Port Washington, NY
Contact: Kathy Rodi ’94

Mid-Hudson Valley

Hudson, NY
Contact: Emilie Hauser ’75

New York City

New York, NY Website / Facebook Page
Co-Contact: Jenifer Chang ’05
Co-Contact: Elizabeth Hall ’11


Fayetteville, NY Facebook Group

Utica/Mohawk Valley

Clinton, NY
Contact: Margaret Olofson Thickstun ’77


Westchester, NY Facebook Page
Contact: Susan Weill ’74

North Carolina


Durham, NC  Facebook Group
Contact: Meredith Henderson ’88


Central Ohio

Columbus, OH  Facebook Page

Contact: Susan Burghes ’78
Contact: Erika “Riki”  O’Brien Mason ’89


Cincinnati, OH Facebook Page
Co-Contact: Valerie Pence ’72
Co-Contact: Barbara Seiver ’70



Portland, OR
Contact: Sarah Binns ’08



Allentown, PA
Contact: Amy Faivre ’92


Philadelphia, PA Facebook Group
Contact: Shannon Choe ’96
Contact:  Grace Wheeler ’18


Pittsburgh, PA
Co-Contact: Diana Bosse Mathis ’70
Co-Contact: Diana Marston Wood ’58

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Barrington, RI
Co-Contact: Kristen Materne ’87
Co-Contact: Erika Sevetson ’91



Memphis, TN
Contact: Charlotte Gillespie ’92


Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas, TX
Co-Contact: Jane Pollard Mayo ’71
Co-Contact: Karen Wilbur ’68


Houston, TX Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Michelle Watts ’94


Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: Sue Grant ’85



Richmond, VA
Contact: Santresda (Sandy) Johnson ’00


Puget Sound

Mount Vernon, WA Facebook Page
Contact: Elizabeth Burr-Brandstadt ’91



Oshkosh, WI
Contact: Elizabeth Burkhalter ’94


Madison, WI  Facebook Group
Contact: Sarah Donermeyer Zylstra ’92
Contact: Nancy Tubesing ’65


Milwaukee, WI
Contact: Christina Rutkowsi Schlagenhauf ’85


The Mount Holyoke Global Alum Alliance

An ad hoc group of alum volunteers committed to voicing the interests, recognition and engagement of the growing body of alums from or living outside the U.S. The group fosters connections and program activities that connect global alums with each other, the Alumnae Association and the College. Group members mentor volunteers and country leads advise the Alumnae Association and the College on outreach and serve as global regional points of contact for global alums.

Founding members include:
Kim Hunter ’75
Eleanor Chang ’78
Silvia Maulini ’80
Dr. Ann Blake ’85
Vijaya Pastala ’89



Mount Holyoke African Alumnae Facebook Group


Accra, Ghana Facebook Group
Contact: Stephanie Adu Dzandu ’09


Mount Holyoke Asian Alumnae Facebook Group


Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact: Tamazer Ahmed Shareef ’04



Beijing, China
Co-Contact: Shujing He ’15
Co-Contact: Songqiao Yao ’11


Shanghai, China
Contact: Diane Chen ’97

Hong Kong

Wanchai, Hong Kong Facebook Group
Contact: Leslie Fu Pang ’97


Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

        Contact: Alison Harada ’87

Contact: Millie Koong ’18



Mumbai, India Facebook Group
Contact: Vijaya Pastala ’89

New Delhi

New Delhi, India Facebook Group
Contact: Shireen Alam ’97


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Co-contact: Janice Shiu ’14
Co-contact: Yen Ping Teh ’12


Karachi, Pakistan
Co-contact: Sadia Khatri ’15
Co-contact: Natasha Ansari ’13


Manila, Philippines
Contact: Maria Gochoco-Bautista ’78


Contact: Laura Rieber ’04

South Korea

Seoul, South Korea  Facebook group
Contact: Frances Lee ’85



Sydney, Australia Facebook Group
Contact: Olia Petkova ’01
Contact:  Elisabeth “Betsy” Reed ’94

New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand
Contact: Megan Couture FP’11


European Alumnae Council
European Council Website

European Alumnae Facebook Group


Leuven, Belgium
Contact: Erica Lutes ’02


Sofia, Bulgaria Facebook Group
Contact: Guergana Gougoumanova  ’99


Frederiksberg, Denmark
Contact: Evelina Poumpalova ’97


Paris, France Facebook Page
Contact: Geraldine Boucherat CG ’99
Contact:  Meryem Puill-Chatillon ’80

Southwest France

Toulouse, France
Contact: Laura Campbell ’06


Germany  Facebook Group

Germany Alumnae Region
Contact:  Catherine Jourdan’95


Berlin, Germany Facebook Group
Contact: Alice Hangija Fan ’17

Düsseldorf, Germany 

Düsseldorf, Germany Facebook Group
Contact: Allison Bouchat ’91 

Contact: Deborah Friedman ’89


Hamburg, Germany
Contact: Heather Do ’07


Munich, Germany
Contact: Catherine Jourdan’95


Athens, Greece
Contact: Ioli Christopoulou ’01


Budapest, Hungary
Contact: Veronika Mak ’16

Iberian Peninsula

Estremoz, Portugal  WebsiteFacebook Group
Contact: Elizabeth Ta’eed ’09


Dublin, Ireland
Contact: Barbara Schmidt Kelly ’69


Roma, Italy Facebook Group
Contact: Claudia Palmira ’95


Riga, Latvia
Contact: Indra Priede ’92


Gonderange, Luxembourg
Contact: Erica Lutus ’02


Vinterbro, Norway Facebook Group
Contact: Nicole Ratté Guttormsen ’91


Bialystok, Poland
Co-Contact: Aniela White Staszewska ’05
Co-Contact: Sylwia Wasiak-Rakowska FP’04


Taby, Sweden Facebook Group
Contact: Nisha Nilsson ’91


       Switzerland Facebook Group

Acting President: Gergana Karadzhova ’12
Study Abroad Representative: Maya Mauroof ’22

       Bern Region

Meiringen, BE, Switzerland
Contact: Margo Cummings ’92

       Central CH Region

Cham, ZG, Switzerland
Contact: Claire Salier-Hellendag ’04

       East CH Region

Buchs, SG, Switzerland Facebook Group
Contact: Gergana Karadzhova ’12

       Geneva Region

 Geneva, GE, Switzerland
Contact: Maya Mauroof ’22

       North CH Region

Binningen, BL, Switzerland
Contact: Asseneta Deliiska-Schreiber ’03

       Zurich Region

Zollikerberg, ZH, Switzerland
Contact: Ning Xie ’15

The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands Facebook Group
Contact: Silvia Maulini ’80


Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: Zeynep Kurmus Hurbas ’96

United Kingdom


London, England Website / Facebook Group

Contact: Corinne Morgan ’13
Contact:  Ellen Whitehead MHCG


Middle East and North Africa

Mount Holyoke Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Alumnae Facebook Group
Contact: Farah Rawas ’17

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact: Pasangi Weerasinghe ’10

       Contact: Sara Pervaiz Amjad ’13
Contact: Izmeen Adeel Bajwa ’99


North America



Ontario, Canada
Contact: Sadia Arshad ’12


Toronto, Canada
Contact: Therese Baron ’03


Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
Contact: Lilian Rodrigues Alves ’11

South/Central America and the Caribbean

Mount Holyoke Latin America and the Caribbean Alumnae Facebook Group


Kingston, Jamaica
Contact: Nicole C. Brown ’05

Clubs and groups can also be based on a shared interest or affinity, providing opportunities to connect for career networking and building relationships with MHC students related to that particular interest.

Lyon’s Pride
For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer alumnae/alumni, students, faculty, and staff of Mount Holyoke College and their partners.
Contact: Donna Albino ’83
Contact:  Mary McClintock ’78

Mount Holyoke V8s Alumnae
An active group of V8s alumnae who are connected to, informed about, and involved in the life and work of the College.
Contact: Caroline Griep ’86
Contact:  Ann MacPhail ’91

» How to apply for affiliated club status with the Alumnae Association.

Alums have created social media groups to connect with other Mount Holyoke alums. They are simply groups of alums with a common interest or connection. These groups interact primarily online, using Facebook, and other social media. These groups are not affiliated with or sponsored by the Alumnae Association. If you have a group that you’d like listed below, please contact

Many classes and clubs have their own social media groups.