Pharmacy Services

The Health Services does not have a pharmacy. We can send prescriptions electronically to many locations.  We do have a working relationship with Louis and Clark Pharmacy to deliver prescriptions written by us or transferred from your local provider. Deliveries are made to the Health Center Monday through Saturday. You may pick-up your prescription during the Health Center's regular hours of operation.


The Health Center requires a copy of your Insurance Information.  Click here for more information on Student Health Insurance Pharmacy Information.  If you have a separate prescription insurance card, you must provide this to the Health Center if you wish the pharmacist to process the prescription under your insurance. Without your insurance card the Pharmacy will charge the full cost of the medication to you.


Once the medication has been prescribed by Louis and Clark, you can order them as needed by contacting 413-736-5649 directly. Each time you request a refill, be sure they are aware that you want the medication delivered to the Health Center.

Louis and Clark Pharmacy
Telephone: 413-736-5649
Fax: 413-736-5099

Mail Order-Gallagher Student Health

Payment for Prescriptions

One Card

The Health Center only accepts the One Card for payment of all prescriptions co-pays. You must have money on your card to be given your prescribed medications.

Under the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan there is a copay of $15.00 for generic, $30.00 for brand name, and $50.00 for non-formulary drugs. If prescription coverage is available from another insurance plan, then those copay levels are charged.

Credit card

You may also arrange with Louis and Clark Pharmacy to have your medications charged to your personal credit card. To make these arrangements please call 413-736-5649 to speak with the Pharmacy staff directly.

Prescriptions from Home

If you have a medication that is prescribed by your physician at home, arrangements can be made to have it delivered to the Health Center:

  • Have your provider from home call the prescription into Louis and Clark Pharmacy. Be sure they have your insurance information and that they note you want this delivered to the MHC Health Center.
  • Have your pharmacy from home, call the prescription into Louis and Clark Pharmacy. Be sure they have your insurance information and that they note you want this delivered to the MHC Health Center.
  • Make an appointment to see one of the Health Center clinicians. Bring with you the original prescription or a container of the medication that indicates the details of the prescription.

Prescriptions for Adderal, Strattera, Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse

The staff of the Health and Counseling Services do not prescribe or manage medications for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. There are a limited number of community providers who accept referrals for management of these medications. A "hard copy" written prescription by a provider outside of MHC can be faxed to Louis & Clark. The date on the prescription must not be greater than five days from the date it is being filled. Prescriptions coming from outside Massachusetts must be signed by a physician.

Over-the-counter Medications

The Health Center distributes small supplies of over-the-counter medications as clinically appropriate for self-care of common acute illness, i.e. viral cold, diarrhea, nausea and muscle pain. These will be given after a thorough clinical assessment and are meant to support the student untilpersonal supply of medications can be purchased by the student.

Prescription Override

A prescription override is a request to have a prescription filled for more than a 30 day supply when the student is traveling outside the United States for more than a 30 day period.

If you participate in the Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plan you or the pharmacist will need to call BCBS to request the override.

If you have private insurance not administered through Mount Holyoke College please call your insurance directly to receive additional information on prescription services.