Health Services

Your health is our priority.

Health Center Hours of Operation

Health Services is currently closed and has ended all clinical operations for the summer. Administrative staff will be available for limited hours. Please email with questions regarding forms, records, or insurance.

Have a safe and healthy summer.

Health Alerts and Updates

Students in need of clinical services may access resources below:

If you have a medical emergency:

  • Please dial 911, or call Public Safety at 413-538-2304 if you are on campus.

If you have a medical urgency and need assessment within a day:

  • Seek care at a local emergency room, or urgent care facility

If you have non-urgent clinical concerns and have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP):

  • Please visit to find providers local to you to assist with your medical care.
  • SHIP also has a 24/7 nurse line which can answer health care questions at no additional charge: call 1888-247-BLUE (2583).

If you have non-urgent clinical concerns and do not have SHIP: Seek care locally with your primary care provider’s office, or phone them for guidance on next steps.