The Mount Holyoke Fund Scholars Program

A gift of $10,000 or more can be designated to The Mount Holyoke Fund Scholars Program, providing a one-year named scholarship to a student with demonstrated need. During the academic year, you will receive a report from your student on her studies and activities.

Please note that scholarship gifts made after March 31 may be assigned to a student in the next fiscal year.

Cindy Yao Cindy Yao '15
"I appreciate the liberal arts philosophy that has shaped my educational experience over the past few years. I started college already fairly sure that I would want to major in chemistry, but I enjoyed being able to explore a few different options for my minor before recently settling on biology. I really like having some courses in the humanities and social sciences to provide some balance and allow me to approach questions in different ways. Being a student at Mount Holyoke has helped me improve and grow. These positive resources are only available to me because of your kind support."

Meet more Mount Holyoke Fund Scholars

For more information, contact Allison Butler '05, senior associate director of The Mount Holyoke Fund, at 800-MHC-GIVE.