Gift Destinations

Direct your annual gift to one of the ten areas below. Your Gift. Your Choice. Your opportunity to make a difference where it matters most to you.

Wherever Mount Holyoke needs it most

Annual gifts in this area give Mount Holyoke the flexibility to direct funds to parts of the budget that need critical, immediate support. Every gift in this category has significant impact, keeping the Mount Holyoke experience strong across the board.

Student Scholarship Aid

Support for scholarship aid honors the College’s long tradition of inviting students from all economic circumstances to join the Mount Holyoke community.

Academic Enrichment

Gifts in this area support our students’ classroom experience and benefit teaching and learning by providing funds for academic departments, curriculum development, instructional programs, and the academic centers.

Athletics and Physical Fitness

Gifts here support the athletic and recreational activities that large numbers of students value and depend on—for health, personal growth, a balanced life, and leadership opportunities. Funds benefit our 14 varsity sports, 8 club sports, the beautiful Equestrian Center, and the ever-expanding fitness and recreational offerings based in the Kendall Sports and Dance Complex.

Campus Preservation and Beautification

The special character of the Mount Holyoke experience is deeply tied to the College’s extraordinary natural environment. Building upon the legacy of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s campus designs, Mount Holyoke’s campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Funds go toward maintaining the grounds, preserving our historic buildings, and protecting the natural characteristics of our campus.

Faculty Support

Gifts help Mount Holyoke attract and retain excellent professors, and maintain a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1 (thus keeping classes small). They also support faculty sabbaticals.

Library and Archives

Renowned as one of the most beautiful campus libraries in the country, the Williston Library and Miles-Smith Library house the humanities, social sciences, and science collections including newspaper, periodical, and microfilm collections. Our Archives and Special Collections include more than 9,000 linear feet of unpublished manuscript materials and 11,000 published volumes. Wherever a student chooses to study—in the MEWS area, the lovely Stimson Room, the main floor, or in one of the hideaway rooms—every aspect of the library is central to her Mount Holyoke education.

Student Life

Gifts in this area support the myriad activities that enrich student life outside of the classroom. More than 100 student-run clubs and organizations benefit, as do residence hall programs that promote close-knit community—including M & Cs! Gifts also support crucial services such as the Health and Counseling Center and the Career Development Center.

Sustainability/Green Mount Holyoke

Gifts to this area will help make Mount Holyoke more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Funds will support a host of projects addressing this increasingly important priority, among them energy-efficient vehicles, campuswide recycling, composting food waste, high-efficiency appliances, sophisticated energy monitoring and control, and low-flow water devices.

Technology and Teaching Tools

Annual gifts in this area help to provide and maintain laboratory equipment, computers, software, and mediated classrooms.

The Lynk

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