The Laurel Chain Society

The Laurel Chain Society recognizes all alumnae who make a gift each year—in any amount to any fund—to support Mount Holyoke. It honors your extraordinary loyalty and generosity, and your belief in the College’s mission.

In FY16, The Mount Holyoke Fund is announcing new parameters for membership in the Laurel Chain Society. We revisited our membership rules in response to the feedback of many of our volunteers and alumnae who found the old rules too complex and difficult to communicate.

The Laurel Chain Society now welcomes:

  • Alumnae who give for 3 consecutive years, including a gift in the current fiscal year
  • Young Alumnae in 2013-2015 (one to three years out) who make a gift in the current fiscal year
  • Seniors who make their Senior Gift

The LCS continues to offer Lifetime distinction to alumnae who have made a gift for 50 years or more to the College.

Why this change? The new 3-year rule:

  • is a simple message for volunteers to share with classmates.
  • means it takes less time for an alumna who loses membership to get back in. (Under the old rules an alumna would have needed 5 years of consecutive giving to renew membership.)
  • gives us the opportunity to steward and retain a larger number of donors, addressing the charge from the Board of Trustees to increase participation.

Benefits include an online faculty lecture series for Laurel Chain Society members and special recognition at Reunion.

For more information, please contact The Mount Holyoke Fund at 800-MHC-GIVE.