The Laurel Chain Society

A Legacy of Loyalty

The members of the Laurel Chain Society are our champions — dedicated alums, family members and friends who carry the spirit of Mount Holyoke and support the College each and every year.

The generosity of LCS members plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of Mount Holyoke College. Since its founding in 2013, the Laurel Chain Society has honored members’ steadfast support — in any amount to any fund — to the College.


In appreciation for their commitment to supporting Mount Holyoke, Laurel Chain Society members receive exclusive correspondence from the College and special recognition at Reunion. Most importantly, as a member, you’ll know that your consistent support sustains the life of our beloved community.


  • Supporters who have given for three consecutive years, including a gift in the current fiscal year
  • Recent alums in 2021–2019 (one to three years out) who make a gift in the current fiscal year
  • Seniors who make a gift to the senior campaign
Laurel Chain Society: Your impact, by the numbers
7,146 total members | 1,957 lifetime members | 246 members are friends, families, faculty and staff | 638 new members joined the Laurel Chain Society last year | 115 donors became new lifetime members last year
$32,436,961 given by members of the Laurel Chain Society last year | $23,722,435 given in support of scholarship aid and Student Safety Net Fund | $8,108,448 given to The Mount Holyoke Fund
Members by decade: 1940s & earlier-231, 1950s-1010, 1960s-1404, 1970s-1282, 1980s-1002, 1990s-807, 2000s-426, 2010s & 2020s-622, FPs-81, PaGE-35 | 1,205 members have given every year since graduation | 3,201 have a lifetime giving record of 90% or higher