Colleagues in the Classroom

Wonder what your colleagues are doing in their classrooms? Like chatting with colleagues over tea or coffee? Try the Colleagues in the Classroom program!

  1. Invite a colleague to participate in mutual classroom visits or contact the TLI office for a match. Either way, be sure to sign up.
  2. Meet for coffee or tea once beforehand, to share what your goals are for that class and what the peer might look for when visiting. Use our Classroom Visit Guide to help structure your discussion.
  3. Visit each other’s classrooms. We recommend the period after Add/Drop but before Advising.
  4. Get together for coffee or tea again to debrief, using the Classroom Visit Guide.
  5. Write up a short summary about your experience and any suggestions as we consider the future of peer visits at Mount Holyoke.

Bonus: New participants receive a $100 stipend, plus free coffee/tea at Rao’s. You must complete the post-visit chat and submit your summary in order to receive the stipend.

Register for the Colleagues in the Class program