Contacts and Connections

Who do I Contact? 

If you have a question about teaching, you can call upon any of the folks listed below.

  • Ask general teaching questions, ask for consultations about teaching or advising: Elizabeth Markovits,the TLI Director. To learn about resources, hear about upcoming workshops and gatherings: Maureen Babineau, Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Initiatives Program.
  • Find out more about technology support for teaching including media and library research, contact or your RIS liaison.
  • Find out more about support for teaching a First Year Seminar, including a syllabi library: Elizabeth Markovits, Director, First Year Seminar Program.
  • Report an Honor Code Violation or ask questions about the honor code: The Dean of the College.
  • Ask about a student in distress: You can submit a mid-semester report in my.mtholyoke, contact Leah Glasser, Dean of Studies; Kim Parent, for New Students including First Years/Transfers/FPs; Alison Roberts Hopkins for Sophomores and Juniors, and Amy Grillo for Seniors; or contact Beth Feeney, Director of the Counseling Center for consultation.
  • For accessible course materials contact the Technology Access Coordinator.  If you have specific concerns about students with accommodations contact Deborah Cohen, Director AccessAbility services or learning specialist, Liza Manchester.  Any general questions or interest about the work AccessAbility services does please contact Melissa Ebbeling at the front desk.
  • Gain resources for me in my teaching of multi-lingual students or for my students who are multi-lingual speakers: Mark Shea, Coordinator of English Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Learn more about how to effectively teach writing in my class or learn more about working with a Speaking, Arguing, and Writing mentor in my class: Amy Martin, Faculty Director of SAW and Associate Professor/Chair of English.
  • Learn more about the SAW program where students can improve their speaking and writing: Kimberly Jeffers, SAW Program Coordinator.
  • Learn more about the Language Resource Center in Ciruiti for World Language Instruction contact Jean Janecki.
  • Learn more about ways to partner with a community organization or school as part of your class: Alan Bloomgarden, Director of Community Engagement and the Community-based Learning Program.
  • Learn more about the Nexus Program: Eleanor Townsley, Associate Dean of Faculty and Faculty Director of Nexus.
  • Schedule class visits to the Art Museum and other faculty education opportunities: Ellen Alvord, Coordinator of Academic Affairs.