The Nexus Program

Career-focused curriculum

If you want to break through to the leading edge of innovation, a Nexus might be right for you. It’s a specialized minor that empowers you to connect interdisciplinary learning with some of today’s most dynamic career fields, from preprofessional programs to areas like global business, data analytics and society and educational policy and practice. By bringing together the latest information, real-world experience and your own curiosity, a Nexus puts you right at the center of what’s next.

The Nexus program offers concentrations in 9 pre-professional areas called tracks. A Nexus is designed like a minor with 18 credits of coursework. To fulfill your Nexus you will take 12 credits above the 100-level and must include at least one 300-level course. You will also take College 211 for 2 credits to reflect on your co-curricular experience and gain the skill of sharing your ideas with others during the annual Learning from Application (LEAP) Symposium, where you’ll present your Nexus experience and expand your network of like-minded innovators.