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Build your own cultural competency, adapt pedagogies and resources to be more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds, support intercultural education and advocacy, and enhance diversity and equity through your work.

Program Overview

This program provides instructional coaches and teacher leaders with tools to support colleagues in adapting to the evolving demands of teaching; develop engaging and effective professional development; cultivate an engaged professional culture at your school; and nurture emotional resilience in your colleagues and students.

Is this institute right for me?

Instructional coaches and mentors play a vital role in improving academic outcomes for students, fostering a positive school climate, and enhancing a school’s professional culture. The best coaches possess practical skills that drive instructional improvements AND leadership dispositions to foster educator resilience.

Now more than ever, we need instructional coaches who can support colleagues and facilitate professional development on best practices in distance learning, equitable pedagogy, and emotional resilience.

If you are a skilled educator who wants to take on a leadership role during this time, our one-year, cohort-based, Instructional Coaching and Leadership program will equip you with the skills and dispositions you need. Join colleagues from across the globe who share your passion and are facing similar challenges.

What will I learn?

We help you do your job...better. 

Our Instructional Coaching and Leadership program provides instructional coaches and teacher leaders with tools to:

  • Support colleagues in adapting to the evolving demands of teaching
  • Develop strategies for improving school culture and leading with emotional intelligence
  • Create engaging and effective professional development for your colleagues
  • Learn strategies for giving feedback that improves teaching and learning
  • Cultivate an engaged professional culture at your school
  • Nurture emotional resilience in your colleagues and students

The institute can also be customized for groups with specific needs and goals.

Where and how will I learn?

Through our online and hybrid classes you will get a chance to work with a cohort of other committed instructional coaches and leaders. You will also be matched with a mentor who will provide individualized coaching to help you.

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