A student walking on campus in the fall


Mount Holyoke College recognizes that climate change is threatening people and ecosystems around the globe and that without intervention centered around justice that impact will continue to escalate. We all, especially those of us privileged in the industrial world, share a responsibility to seek solutions to prevent future devastating consequences to our natural world and our lives.

As an educational institution, we are in a position to lead by educating students and the broader community on the science of climate change, as well as on the political, economic and social factors influencing it. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact on the planet and have set the goal of carbon neutrality by 2037, the College’s 200th anniversary.

We also have a responsibility to environmental sustainability, and to understanding its connection to multiple communities — locally and globally — both in terms of the people moving through the institution and the resources it consumes. With the support of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment, we are committed to advancing our core education and research to impact leadership in local and global sustainability and to foster a culture of responsibility on campus.