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Apply as an Undergraduate

A world of possibilities begins here

This is where you’ll shape your future. Where you’ll confidently show up as yourself — and give full flight to your potential in the company of others who want to see you succeed. Where you’ll experience the liberal arts as a way of intentionally connecting people, ideas and solutions that create positive change for all. Where you’ll sharpen the skills and build the bonds that will spark the next great chapter in your story. How it unfolds is up to you — but we can’t wait to help you start.

Who can apply?

Mount Holyoke is proud to be a women’s college that is gender diverse. We welcome female, transgender and nonbinary students from across the country and all over the world.

Learn more about our inclusive admission policy

Mount Holyoke College statement on affirmative action and legacy admissions

How we review applications

The simple truth is that we don’t have a set list of criteria that we’re looking for. Who you are as a person and your potential as a Mount Holyoke student matters to us much more than a series of numbers (we’re a test-optional institution). We’re excited by applicants who value some of the same things we do, including wide-ranging curiosity, a commitment to open-mindedness and a desire to make a positive impact — whether on a personal, community or global level.

Applicants should use only one platform to apply to Mount Holyoke, either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. If you use multiple application platforms, we will limit our review to the first application you submit.