Grants for attending PLEN seminars

The Weissman Center for Leadership offers grants to Mount Holyoke College students to attend public policy seminars in Washington D.C. that are sponsored by the Public Leadership and Education Network (PLEN) throughout the academic year. Grants are available to students who can demonstrate a strong interest in public service or public policy careers or study.


While any sophomore, junior, or senior is eligible for Weissman Center funding to attend PLEN, priority will be given to students who can demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • 200 or 300 level course selections, or independent study, that relate to contemporary social or global issues and historical analysis, or that incorporate aspects such a policy, leadership, law, international affairs, and economics.
  • Governing positions such as elected leader in SGA or student organizations, or students who are team leaders, or hold positions that require substantial oversight or guidance.
  • Members of student organizations or clubs, or students who participate in extracurricular activities, which relate to policy, advocacy, social justice, or community service.
  • Work experience (paid or volunteer) at government agencies, electoral campaigns, international institutions, civil society organizations, advocacy NGO’s, or community-based organizations.


Student leadership grants for PLEN may be awarded up to 80% of anticipated expenses. Students will be expected to secure additional funds and/or make individual financial contributions towards their budgeted expenses for PLEN.

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