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Lawlor, A., “Position Paper #19: Donald Trump” (Ploughshares, 2017)

Lawlor, A., “Position Paper #18: Insurance”(Ploughshares, 2017)

Lawlor, A., “Position Paper #14: The Pacific Gyre” (Ploughshares, 2017)

2020 Whiting Award winner in fiction. In the words of the selection committee, "Andrea Lawlor's writing is mythic and gritty, lyric and witty, brazenly dirty and teeming with life. Their debut novel is at once a bacchanalian celebration of outlaw living and an old-fashioned bildungsroman, following its seductive, shape-shifting antihero at a gallop on the path to self-discovery. An exacting psychological authenticity puts the reader squarely into the body of a character who’s endangered and radiant at once."

Was an invited panelist at a number of panels, including the University of California Irvine's Center for Storytelling's "Writing Sex: A Conversation about Writing” panel, moderated by Jonathan Alexander; and the Brooklyn Book Festival's "Beyond the Year of Trans Creativity," moderated by Riley McLeod. Moderated conversations with writers Jung Yun (Odyssey Bookshop), Megan Milks (Books Are Magic), Joss Lake (Books Are Magic), and Callum Angus (Odyssey Bookshop), among others. Was invited to read with Andrea Abi-Karam, hosted by Books Are Magic (Brooklyn).