Professional Development Institutes & Courses

Graduate & Professional

Mount Holyoke College offers internationally recognized programs and graduate-level courses that prepare people for professional careers.

Program Overview

These institutes and professional pathways are flexible in every way. As the student, you select the essential capabilities you want to pursue in order to grow, adapt and succeed as a professional — and apply them immediately.

These pathways are appropriate for you no matter what your professional level:

  • recent graduate
  • mid-career professional changing direction
  • have significant experience and are looking to broaden your skills

Coursework is offered in every environment:

  • a face-to-face classroom
  • online
  • a combination of classroom and online

Courses can be taken individually or in pursuit of certificates of competency (12 credits).

Beginning with the initial course registration, you are supported by our staff, faculty and global network of practitioners to help you succeed in your professional, personal and academic goals.

Each of these classes can be taken separately, and students can elect a credit or non-credit option.

Modules can be personalized for individuals, groups of teachers, districts, states, or associations. All classes are held in dynamic virtual learning environments and can be accessed from the participant's individual device or on our beautiful campus.

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Next Steps

Apply to Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke seeks intellectually curious applicants who understand the value of education and are driven by a love of learning. As a college that is gender diverse, the graduate programs are coed and we welcome applications from female, male, trans and non-binary students.

Funding your graduate education

Everyone’s financial situation is unique, and we’re here to make sure cost does not get in the way of an exceptional education.