Transferring Credit

Credit is awarded only when official documentation (official transcript, official test score report) is submitted to the Registrar from the external institution.

No more than 64 credits will be awarded to students for external work, regardless of whether from pre-matriculation study or post-matriculation study abroad, summer study etc.

Transfer credits are granted on a semester credit-for-credit basis (that is, a 3-credit course taken on a semester schedule will be awarded 3 credits at Mount Holyoke College). Credits earned at schools not on the semester calendar will be converted to semester credits (e.g. a quarter credit will be awarded .66 semester credits at Mount Holyoke College).

Grades for transferred courses will not appear on the Mount Holyoke College transcript, nor will they affect the Mount Holyoke GPA.

Academic credit is generally granted for liberal arts courses completed with grades of C- or better.

Academic credit is never granted for:

  • internships
  • courses with a pass/fail grade
  • physical education courses
  • courses taken at U.S. schools without regional accreditation
  • CLEP or placement exams given by other institutions
  • courses not at college level (such as algebra, college skills)
  • skills, craft or trade courses (such as EMT training, career exploration)

Academic credit is not usually granted for:

  • independent study coursework
  • computer science courses without written permission of the Mount Holyoke College computer science department
  • music courses without written permission of the Mount Holyoke College music department; performance studies, including individual instrument study, choir, orchestra, or other ensemble study

Academic credit for non-liberal arts courses is strictly limited.

  • The course(s) must meet all other transfer eligibility requirements.

Only one non-liberal arts course is initially transferred but the student may request transfer of additional course work up to a maximum of 12 credits; these students are limited to applying a total of 12 credits combined from Mount Holyoke curricular support courses and from any Mount Holyoke, Five College or transferred non-liberal arts courses to the 128 credit requirement for the degree.