Ajibola Abdulrahman

  • Visiting Lecturer in History

Ajibola A. Abdulrahman is a historian of Africa (broadly defined). His areas of interest include comparative colonialisms, slavery, labor, African diaspora, and Youth movements. Abdulrahman teaches Introduction to Precolonial African History, Introduction to Modern African History, Slavery and Emancipation, Decolonization and the Civil Rights Movements, and Labor History. His current book project, entitled “Slaves of the Government: Colonial Rule, Abolition of Slavery and Forced Labor in Northern Nigeria,” explores the complex status of the liberated children in Northern Nigeria to present a case study of “Slow Death of Slavery” in West Africa under British rule. By analyzing the working experiences of these liberated minors in colonial departments and private households, my research extends the literature of state-imposed forced labor in British West Africa beyond the “masculine” jobs undertaken in public spheres previously studied by historians.