Ted Gilliland

  • Assistant Professor of Economics
Ted Gilliland

Ted Gilliland is a natural resource economist. His research focuses on natural resource management, poverty, and the intersection between these two topics. To carry out his work, he combines theory and empirical techniques from economics, ecology, and natural history. He teaches courses on environmental and natural resource economics and econometrics.


  • Ph.D., M.S., University of California, Davis
  • M.S., Arizona State University
  • B.S., Duke University

Recent Publications

Gilliland, T. E., Sanchirico, J. N., & Taylor, J. E. (2022). A Bioeconomic Local General Equilibrium Assessment of Distributional Consequences of Small-Scale Fisheries Reform in Developing Countries. Marine Resource Economics, 37(2), 111-134.

Gilliland, T. E., Sanchirico, J. N., & Taylor, J. E. (2020). Market-Driven Bioeconomic General Equilibrium Impacts of Tourism on Resource-Dependent Local Economies: A Case from the Western Philippines. Journal of Environmental Management, 271(4), 110968.

Lindsay, A. R., Sanchirico J. N., Gilliland, T. E., Ambo-Rappe, R., Taylor, J. E., Krueck, N. C., & Mumby, P.J. (2020). Evaluating Sustainable Development Policies in Rural Coastal Economies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(52), 33170–76.

Gilliland, T. E. (2021) Northern Parulas (Setophaga americana) mobbing a Pearly-eyed Thrasher (Margarops fuscatus) depredating an adult Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola). Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 34, 29–31.

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