Xuan Pham

  • Visiting Lecturer in Art Studio
Xuan Pham, Visiting Lecturer in Art Studio

Xuân Pham is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores themes of hybridity, vulnerability, and empathy through object making and storytelling. She was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and immigrated to Omaha, Nebraska as a child. Her background greatly influences her multi-disciplinary practice and ongoing research around racialized melancholia. Her work centers the relationship between trauma, migration, and race, investigating how the political and psychological impact of trauma and grief transpires within the Asian American communities and how it informs the formation of subjectivity and of racial identity, especially in representations of race in the United States. Her work pursues these questions through selected materials that bear on the cultural and political histories of European imperialism and colonialism throughout Vietnam, especially motifs that reflect the colonial experience. She is also motivated by the question of how storytelling in conjunction with object making might become a medium to express physical and emotional empathy.