The race for the White House

Mount Holyoke College Professor Elizabeth Markovits appeared on “The State We’re In” to discuss the race for the White House.

By Christian Feuerstein

On November 6, the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential race had not yet been called, as many states were still tallying mailed in ballots. The election has since been called for President-elect Joseph R. Biden. 

Elizabeth Markovits, professor of politics, appeared on Connecting Point’s weekly political talk segment, “The State We’re In,” to discuss the race for the White House during this transitional time. Connecting Point is a production of New England Public Media. 

“In the back of many people’s mind, there was this hope that you would see this moral victory, this repudiation of Trumpism,” she said about Democrats’ disappointment in the initial results reported on Election Day. “What we didn’t see was that, we saw lots of Trump voters who didn’t vote last time come out and vote and join that side.” 

“It’s not ‘red state-blue state,’” she continued. “Many states are internally divided.” 

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