Transforming the way we see the world

Buzzfeed lists Lauret Savoy as one of 11 women whose writing has changed the way the world sees itself.

By Keely Sexton

Buzzfeed News named Lauret Savoy, David B. Truman Professor of Environmental Studies, one of its “11 women who changed the way we see natural history,” for her book “Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape” (2015), which explores Savoy’s personal history in context with the racialized history of the United States and its geography.

The book “blends memoir, history, and the landscape to uncover hidden legacies,” wrote Buzzfeed contributor Kathryn Aalto, whose latest book, “Writing Wild: Women Poets, Ramblers, and Mavericks Who Shape How We See the Natural World” uplifts the women who have defined the way we think about the world. “It will create seismic shifts in readers' perspectives on race, gender, and nature.”

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