Jan Szymaszek


Jan Szymaszek is a third grade teacher at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, Massachusetts, which is the laboratory school for the Smith College Department of Education and Child Study. In addition to working with college interns and elementary students for over thirty years at the Campus School, Szymaszek has also been involved with mathematics education in the wider community for many years. She is an experienced facilitator of several DMI seminars at Mount Holyoke College and in her local district, and has contributed to various NSF projects involving teacher-written cases and looking closely at student thinking. In recent years, Szymaszek has participated in two projects, Foundations of Algebra and Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra, which focused on the algebraic thinking of elementary students. She also facilitates summer workshops for TERC (Investigations in Number, Data, and Space). Through this work, Szymaszek is able to pursue her passion and curiosity about all things related to teaching and learning, thereby expanding the perspectives she brings back to her classroom every fall.

When she's not teaching, Szymaszek enjoys spending summers camping along the coasts of New England and North Carolina, visiting one son and his family in Seattle, Washington and the other son who lives in southern Virginia, and also relaxing in her backyard with a great book in hand.