Jeffrey A. Knight

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Autocatalysis of mRNA in yeast mitochondria; studies of nuclear and mitochondrial gene interaction that determine mitochondrial function

Jeffrey Knight is the editor of both volumes of Encyclopedia of Genetics, the author of numerous articles, and a contributor to many textbooks and encyclopedias. His current research interests include mitochondrial ribosomal biogenesis in yeast, the fine-structure analysis of mitochondrial genes in yeast, and genetically engineered ribozyme expression in yeast.

His research interests extend into his courses as well; Knight teaches an intermediate-level course, Genetics and Molecular Biology, as well as two senior seminars, Microbial Genetics and Microbiology. In alternate years, Knight also offers a first-year seminar, Advances in Biology: Patterns and Principles of Life, which gives students an introduction to modern biology and the basic principles of cell biology, energetics, genetics, and evolution. He also participates in the Howard Hughes Summer Research Training Fellowships program.

In addition to teaching, for the past several years Knight has chaired the Committee on the Health Professions, which advises premedical students, and he is currently chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.