Jens Christiansen

Professor Emeritus of Economics
Comparative macroeconomic performance of advanced capitalist economies; women and the economy; economics and the environment

Jens Christiansen’s major interest and concern is the politics and economics of global climate change. Other research interests and many of his recent publications focus on questions of comparative economic performance in the G-7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and U.S.). In particular, he is examining the differences in productivity growth, inequality, and unemployment among these economies. He has presented his research findings at numerous international conferences and has been an economic commentator on radio and television programs. 

Christiansen has a keen interest in environmental issues and is actively involved in Mount Holyoke’s Environmental Studies program, of which he is a founding member. In particular, his interest focuses on questions concerning economic growth and ecological sustainability.

Course Description: Introduction to the Global Economy

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