John Rapoport

Professor Emeritus of Economics
Health economics

A specialist in health economics, John Rapoport is the author, with Phillip Jacobs, of The Economics of Health and Medical Care(Aspen, 2001), and, with Robert L. Robertson and Bruce Stuart, ofUnderstanding Health Economics (Aspen, 1982). His research has focused on economic issues related to critical care, such as methods to evaluate the economic performance of intensive care units, factors influencing the use of specific medical technologies, and the determinants of ICU costs. Rapoport is a member of the national VERICC (Values, ethics and rationing in critical care) task force. Another research interest in health care is Canada and he has published papers on costs of chronic disease in Canada and comparison of ICU utilization between Canada and the U.S.

Dean of the College from 1995-1998, Rapoport was also one of the founders and the first director of the interdisciplinary Complex Organizations Program, which focuses on the elements of leadership and the nature of organizations.

Rapoport has taught courses on introductory microeconomics, microeconomic theory, statistics, health economics, environmental economics and industrial organization.