Paul Dobosh

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Computing and Information Systems (CIS) at liberal arts college

Paul Dobosh has been a leader in identifying and establishing computer resources at Mount Holyoke since the 1970s. He came to the College in 1971 to teach general, inorganic, and physical chemistry. His specialty in theoretical chemistry at Carnegie-Mellon prompted an interest in computer programming, which led to the teaching of early computer science classes and to leading the integration of academic computing into the liberal arts curriculum.

In 1988, he assumed leadership of the College's entire computing enterprise as director of the newly created Computing and Information Systems (CIS). In addition to overseeing the formation and growth of CIS, he was centrally involved in the establishment of the College's Dwight Academic Computer Center, the installation of new payroll and financial systems, and the construction of a network to academic, administrative, and residential buildings. His work has been supported by grants from the Sloan and Keck Foundations.