Peter Gruber

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
Biochemistry; organization of the cell nucleus; molecular biology; structure and dynamics of the nuclear skeleton

Peter Gruber is the author of numerous articles and presentations. He won a National Science Foundation grant to modernize Mount Holyoke's physiology curriculum and another to examine the nuclear envelope in higher plants. Gruber is associated with organizations such as Sigma Xi, the American Society of Plant Physiologists, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Gruber taught introductory courses in biology as well as senior-level seminars on plant biology. In addition, he has participated in the Howard Hughes Summer Research Training Fellowships for first-year students.

Selected Publications

Frederick, S.E., M.E. Mangan, J.B. Carey, and P.J. Gruber. 1992. Intermediate filament antigens of 60 and 65 kDa in the nuclear matrix of plants: Their detection and localization. Exp. Cell. Res. 199: 213-222.

Gruber, P.J., K.A. Sweeney and S.E. Frederick. 1988. The detection of fructose in plant nuclear envelopes. Planta 174: 298-304.

Gruber, P.J., and S. E. Frederick. 1977. Cytochemical localization of glycolate oxidase in microbodies of Klebsormidium. Planta 135: 45-49.

Gruber, P.J., W.M. Becker, and E.H. Newcomb. 1973. The development of microbodies and peroxisomal enzymes in greening bean leaves. J. Cell. Biol. 56:500-518.

Gruber, P.J., R.N. Trelease, W.M. Becker, and E.H. Newcomb. 1971. Microbodies in fat storing cotyledons: ultrastructural and enzymatic changes during greening, p. 523-533. In: Recent Advances in Photosynthesis and Photorespiration, M.D. Hatch, C.B. Osmond, and R.O. Slatyer, eds., John Wiley & Sons, Inc.