William Quillian

Professor Emeritus of English
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature; history of criticism and critical theory; twentieth-century British, American, and world fiction (in translation); science fiction; computers and literature

Since joining Mount Holyoke's English department in 1975, William Quillian has twice served as departmental chair. He regularly teaches courses in twentieth-century British literature, contemporary fiction in English, and literary criticism and theory, and has taught the first-year seminar Never Again ... A Single Story, an introduction to the experimental narratives and multiple "stories" of contemporary fiction. His research interests include cyberpunk science fiction, the American novelist Cormac McCarthy, and the English novelist and critic John Berger.

Quillian is the author of Hamlet and the New Poetic: James Joyce and T. S. Eliot (UMI Research Press, 1983).


  • Hamlet & The New Poetic, 1983

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