Department Learning Goals

Chemistry Knowledge-Based Learning Goals

  • Understand the physical basis and utility of hierarchical representations of structure (atomic, molecular, macro/supramolecular) at appropriate levels of sophistication.
  • Understand the physical basis and utility of spectroscopic and analytical technologies.
  • Use energy, kinetics, and thermodynamics to develop a quantitative and mechanistic view of chemical systems.
  • Apply structural and energetic models to describing and predicting the functions and interactions of molecules.
  • Apply chemical knowledge to socially significant endeavors.
Chemistry Skill-Based Learning Goals
  • Solve chemical problems using both qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Design and conduct independent experiments in chemistry, using modern instrumentation.
  • Interpret and critically analyze data.
  • Critically evaluate primary scientific literature.
  • Effectively communicate scientific information in oral, written, and visual formats to scientific and broader audiences.
  • Collaborate to pursue common goals. 
  • Employ responsible and ethical practices in data collection and analysis, documentation, reporting, and attribution. 
  • Assess safety concerns in the laboratory and employ best practices.