Student Positions through the Miller Worley Center

Community Sustainability Coordinator

Purpose of the Position:
The MWCE Community Sustainability Coordinators (CSCs) help to advance the integration of environmental sustainability, justice, equity, and inclusion, while promoting awareness, action and community building. As a cohort, the CSCs serve as a bridge, connecting the Center to the larger MHC community and working to foster relationships to better support community efforts.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Specifically, the CSCs will assist the Center in their activities to reach the following goals:

  • Engage the campus community in developing a culture of sustainability
  • Assist in creating and disseminating information related to environmental sustainability on campus
  • Provide resources and facilitate educational opportunities related to local and global sustainability (e.g. recycling information and War of the Watts)
  • Assist the community in recognizing the connection between environmental issues and socio-economic issues
  • Coordinate with and support community partners (students, faculty, and staff) in collaborative sustainability and community building efforts
  • Create and help plan (virtual) activities/events that are inclusive and pluralistic, including the Miller Worley Center for the Environment Podcast
  • Assist in identifying sustainability metrics and means in which the campus community can contribute (e.g. AASHE STARS reporting, Green Workplace Program, War of Watts)
  • Assist in student engagement with regular outreach to student groups, cultural organizations, classes and student dorms/living spaces
  • Attend and participate in relevant MWCE team meetings on a monthly basis
  • Engage alums in virtual mentoring opportunities, events, and lectures
  • Serve as MWCE representatives at various events

Campus Living Lab Assistant

Purpose of the Position:
The Campus Living Laboratory (CLL) within the MWCE facilitates environmentally-oriented, project-based experiences for students across disciplines. Campus has long served as a resource for the sciences, humanities, and arts and the CLL remains committed to bringing campus learning opportunities to students around the world through virtual engagement, the environmental monitoring program, and direct course support.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The CLL Assistant will provide critical support for CLL programs by:

  • Connecting students globally to campus environments and sustainability initiatives via media development and creation
  • Assisting in planning (virtual) CLL events that are inclusive and pluralistic
  • Collaborating with other Center student staff on community social media engagement
  • Supporting the environmental monitoring program (weather, water, and forest) through regular data management, in addition to field data collection, lab work, and instrument maintenance when possible
  • Attend and participate in relevant MWCE team meetings on a monthly basis
  • Serve as MWCE representatives at various events

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