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Received a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for Collaborative Research: Redox Ratios in Amphiboles as Proxies for Volatile Budgets in Igneous Systems. The project is for three years.

Lepore, K.H., Dyar, M.D., and Ytsma, C.R. (2023) Effect of plasma temperature on major element accuracy from laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(8), e2023GL102919.

Dyar, M.D., Wallace, S.M., Burbine, T.H., and Sheldon, D.R. (2023) New view of asteroid belt composition enabled by machine learning classification of meteorite spectra. Icarus, 406, 115718.

Dyar, M.D., McCanta, M., Lanzirotti, A., Steven, C.J., and Ytsma, C (2023) Calibration for iron redox state and oxygen fugacity in silicate glasses from x-ray absorption spectroscopy. Chemical Geology. 635, 121605.

Gilmore, M., Dyar, M.D., Mueller, N., Helbert, J., Brossier, J., Santos, A., Filiberto, J., Ivanov, M., Ghail, R., Byrne, P., Smrekar, S., Izenberg, N., Carter, L., and Gerva, T. (2023) Mineralogy of the Venus surface. Space Science Reviews, 219, 52.

Widemann, T., Smrekar, S.E., Garvin, J.B.,Straume-Lindner, A.G., Ocampo, A.C., Voirin, T., Hensely, S., Dyar, M.D., Whitten, J.L., Nunes, D.C., Getty, S.A., Arney, G.N., Johnson, N.M., Kohler, E., Spohn, T., O’Rourke, J.G., Wilson, C.F., Way, M.J., Ostberg, C., Westall, F., Hoening, D., Jacobson, S., Salvador, A., Avice, G., Breuer, D., Cater, L., Gilmore, M.S., Ghail, R., Helbert, J., Byrne, P., Santos, A.R., Herrick, R.R., Izenbberg, N., Marcq, E., Rolf, T., Weller, M., Gillmann, C., Korablev, O., Zelenyi, L., Zasova, L., Gorinov, D., Gaurov, S., Narasimha Rao, Ch.V., and Desai, N. (2023) Venus evolution through time: Key science questions, selected mission concepts and future investigations. Space Science Reviews, 219:56.

Varatharajan, I., Sklute, E., Glotch, T.D., and Dyar, M.D. (2023) Modelling wavelength dependent mid-infrared optical constants (5.5-25 µm) of silicate glasses: A genetic algorithm approach. Earth and Space Sciences, 10, e2023EA002938.

Sklute, E.C., Leopo, D.A., Neat, K.A., Livi, K.J.T., Dyar, M.D., and Holden, J.F. (2023) Fe(III) (oxyhydr)oxide reduction by the thermophilic iron-reducing bacterium Desulfovulcanus ferrireducens. Frontiers in Microbiology, 14, 1272245.

Ytsma, C., and Dyar, M.D. (2022) Calculations of limits of blank, limits of detection, and limits of quantification for multivariate analyses of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in geological materials. Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 191, 106395.

Steven, C.J., Dyar, MD., McCanta, M.C., Newville, M., and Lanzirotti, A. (2022) The absorption indicatrix as an empirical model to describe anisotropy in x-ray absorption spectra of pyroxenes. American Mineralogist, 107, 654-663. Doi: 10.2138/am-2021-7950.