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Edward Elling Berg *, Darrell S Kaufman, R Scott Anderson, Gregory C Wiles, Thomas V Lowell, Edaward A. D. Mitchell, Feng Sheng Hu, Alan Werner, (in press), Late-Glacial and Holocene lake level fluctuations on the Kenai Lowland, reconstructed from satellite-fen peat deposits and ice-shoved ramparts, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Quaternary, 5(23). https://www.mdpi.com/2571-550X/5/2/23

Tuttle, S.E.; Roof, S.R.; Retelle, M.J.; Werner, A.; Gunn, G.E.; Bunting, E.L. (2022) Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Estimates of Lake Ice Cover Timing on Linnévatnet, Kapp Linné, Svalbard Using In-Situ Data. Remote Sensing, 14, 1311.