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  • Jared Schwartzer

Church JS, Renzelman ML [MHC ’20], Schwartzer JJ. Ten-week high fat and high sugar diets in mice alter gut-brain axis cytokines in a sex-dependent manner. J Nutr Biochem. 2022 Feb;100:108903.

Schwartzer JJ, Garcia-Arocena D, Jamal A, Izadi A, Willemsen R, Berman RF. Allopregnanolone Improves Locomotor Activity and Arousal in the Aged CGG Knock-in Mouse Model of Fragile X-Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome. Front Neurosci. 2021 Dec 3;15:752973.

Church J.S., Tamayo J.M., Ashwood P., Schwartzer J.J. (2021) Repeated allergic asthma in early versus late pregnancy differentially impacts offspring brain and behavior development. Brain Behav Immun., 93, 66-79.

Schwartzer J.J., Onore C.E., Rose D.R., Ashwood P. (2017) C57BL/6L bone marrow transplant increases sociability in BTBR T+ Itpr3tf/J mice. Brain Behavior & Immunity. 59:55-61

Schwartzer J.J., Careaga M., Coburn M.A. [MHC ‘ 17], Rose D.R., Hughes H.K., Ashwood P. (2017) Behavioral impact of maternal allergic-asthma in two genetically distinct mouse strains. Brain, Behavior & Immunity. 63:99-107

Church J.S., Tijerina P.B., Emerson F.J. [MHC ’17], Coburn M.A. [MHC ’17], Blum J.L., Zelikoff J.T., Schwartzer J.J. (2018) Perinatal exposure to concentrated ambient particulates results in autism-like behavioral deficits in adult mice. NeruoToxicology.  65:231-240

Church J.S., Chase-Donahue F. [MHC ’20], Blum J.L.,  Ratner J.R., Zelikoff J.T.,  Schwartzer J.J.(2020) Gestational exposure to e-cigarette aerosols in mice induces hyperactivity and regional neuroinflammation in adult offspring in a sex-dependent manner. Environmental Health Perspectives. Vol. 128, No. 4